"Only way he can score" "Worked last game": Fans divided as Corey Perry continues warmup exit routine at Game 5 of Stanley Cup Final

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Florida Panthers at Edmonton Oilers
Fans react as Corey Perry continues warmup exit routine at Game 5 of Stanley Cup Final

Edmonton Oilers right winger Corey Perry did not forget to execute one pregame warmup routine that the player often does. As the last player to leave the ice, Perry took the opportunity to shoot the puck into the Panthers' empty net in the final moments of their warmup before Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final.

The Florida Panthers are hosting Edmonton for Game 5 of the Cup Final after the Oilers had a blowout 8-1 victory against them on Saturday. With the series currently 3-1 in favor of Florida, they have the chance to take the Stanley Cup home with a Game 5 win in front of their home ground.

However, the Oilers are looking just as determined to hold on to their title hopes. Corey Perry seemingly set the message straight with his pregame warmup exit routine on Tuesday, and fans were quick to react to his move on the internet.

While some fans found it a good omen, others criticized the player for his lack of scoring in recent games. Following are some fan reactions from X/Twitter:

“Well that is the only way he can score. So there’s that”
“Only goal he’s gonna get 🤣🤣,” quipped one fan.

Some fans pointed out that Perry has been doing the ‘ritual’ for a long time. Some commented that he has done it in every game since his time with the Anaheim Ducks.

“He’s been doing it for years this is nothing new 😂,” wrote one user.
“Would like to point out he’s been doing this since he played in Anaheim,” commented another fan.

Some fans also believed that the move brought Perry and the Oilers good luck. Given that Edmonton won last time out, they felt it was a lucky charm for the team.

“worked last game...🤷‍♂️”
“This always ends well…,” wrote another fan.

Marc Methot defends Cory Perry’s Stanley Cup Final record

Former NHL defenseman Marc Methot has recently defended Corey Perry against criticism over his unfortunate Stanley Cup Final record. Perry is on the verge of potentially losing his fourth Stanley Cup Final in five years with four different teams.

Methot, however, sees Perry's record differently. He believes that Perry's ability to reach the finals with different teams is what counts.

“I view this stat as a compliment, rather than a negative on his career. The man has already won a cup, and has managed to adapt to the new NHL game by playing a very different role. 1300+ games, 900+ points, 1400+ pims and is almost 40 years old. Corey Perry is a Warrior," Methot wrote on X.

The former NHLer pointed out Corey Perry’s impressive career stats and even labeled him a “Warrior”.

Perry's series of losses began in 2020 when the Dallas Stars lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning. The following year, Perry's Montreal Canadiens also fell to the Lightning. In 2022, Perry, then with the Lightning, lost to the Colorado Avalanche.

Although Corey Perry is just one loss away from another Stanley Cup defeat, it seems his team will not go down without a fight this time. The Oilers are 4-2 in the second period of Game 5 at the time of writing.

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