Paul Coffey amusingly roasts Wayne Gretzky on blocked shots comparison between them

Paul Coffey and Wayne Gretzky
Paul Coffey and Wayne Gretzky on NHL on TNT

On Friday's episode of NHL on TNT, Paul Coffey was asked to settle a debate over career blocked shots by Wayne Gretzky. Coffey decided to take a playful jibe at “The Great One” with his witty response.

Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey are two legends of the sport. Over the course of their legendary NHL careers, both have excelled in their respective positions–Coffey in defense, and Gretzky, largely in offense.

During an appearance on “NHL on TNT”, Gretzky asked Paul Coffey to settle a debate over which one of them had more blocked shots in their careers.

“Settle an argument for me here," Gretzky said. "Who had more blocked shots in their career, you or me?”

Coffey’s response was quick and witty:

“Probably you, because you gave the puck away more,” Paul Coffey answered with a straight face, evoking laughter in the whole room.

The consensus would have gone in Coffey’s favor, given he had a total of 89 blocked shots in his career to be specific. But the Edmonton Oilers D coach took the opportunity to throw a playful jibe at Wayne Gretzky and his tendency to lose the puck.

Coffey also compared Connor McDavid's mentality to that of Gretzky. He mentioned how back in the day, watching Wayne Gretzky walk into the locker room used to chase away his 'playoffs nerve', just like it does now with McDavid.

Fans react to Paul Coffey’s comment on Wayne Gretzky

Fans were quick to react to Paul Coffey’s remark in response to Wayne Gretzky’s question. Coffey’s witty answer drew hilarious comments from netizens as they found his jibe amusing.

“He was ready with that response lmao”, wrote one fan.
"Coffee is hilarious ☕️", wrote another fan.

Even the official X account of the Edmonton Oilers commented on the post.

"These two 🤣", wrote the official Oilers X handle.
"Coffey with the zinger at the end", quipped another fan.
"Did Coffey really say that about Gretzky? omg," wrote one user.

Meanwhile, Paul Coffey's team secured an easy 1-6 win over the LA Kings in Game 3 of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They are now leading the series 2-1 and will be looking to build on the momentum in their next game.

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