PK Subban, Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith debate on who's tougher between football and hockey players

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PK Subban and Shannon Sharpe on toughest athletes in sports

Hockey legend PK Subban, football icon Shannon Sharpe and renowned sports commentator Stephen A. Smith engaged in a passionate discourse over the age-old question: What sport has the toughest athletes?

PK Subban, the Canadian ex-pro ice hockey defenseman, kicked off the talk by pitching his opinion on the unmatched intensity of playoff hockey. With a fervor born from his experiences on the ice, Subban said:

"Come on, Shannon. It's not that hard ... It's different. When it comes to the playoffs, it's a different brand of hockey."

Sharpe, a former NFL tight end, jumped in and made a strong case for how tough hockey players are.

"Take that puck to my face, get my teeth kicked out, get 30 stitches and then come back in the ballgame. I'm gonna ride with the hockey players," Sharpe said.

Subban doubled down on his argument.

"If it comes to push to shove, man-to-man, gloves come off and it's on. It's fisticuffs, it's on," he said

Throughout the exchange, Stephen A. Smith, a big name in sports TV and commentary, played referee, sharing his thoughts and keeping the conversation flowing between Subban and Sharpe.

Shannon Sharpe critiques Rui Hachimura & Team Performance

The Los Angeles Lakers faced a devastating defeat against the Denver Nuggets in Game 2 of the opening playoff series. Shannon Sharpe did not mince his words, particularly targeting Rui Hachimura for his lackluster performance.

Sharpe highlighted Hachimura's offensive struggles, particularly his inability to convert easy layups, resulting in a meager three points for the game.

In a tongue-in-cheek manner, Sharpe speculated that Hachimura might have wagered on himself to score under 10 points, drawing a humorous parallel to Jontay Porter's recent betting scandal. While meant as a joke, Sharpe's remarks underscored the disappointment felt by analysts and fans.

In essence, the Lakers' defeat against the Nuggets was a bitter pill to swallow, with Hachimura's performance drawing criticism from Sharpe and others.

However, the loss was a team effort, with multiple factors contributing to the outcome. Moving forward, the Lakers must address their collective shortcomings and rally together to overcome challenges in the playoffs.

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