"Toronto Maple Leafs are worse today than they were at end of season": Former NHLer unimpressed with GM's free agency moves

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"Toronto Maple Leafs are worse today than they were at end of season": Former NHLer unimpressed with GM's free agency moves

In a recent episode of The Ray & Dregs Podcast, NHL analyst Ray Ferraro voiced his disappointment with the Toronto Maple Leafs' activity in the free agency market, suggesting that the team has regressed rather than improved.

Ferraro's assessment seemed to reflect his concerns about the direction of the team's offseason moves.

"In my mind, the Leafs are worse today than they were at the end of the season. I don't think there is really any question about it."

One specific move that Ferraro scrutinized was the acquisition of Ryan Reaves. The tough-as-nails enforcer has a reputation as the most physically intimidating player in the NHL. But Ferraro questioned the impact Reaves would have on the Leafs.

"Without question, Reaves is the most feared man physically in the NHL because he likes his role...He is not going to make the Leafs tougher, he won't play 15 mins/gm, his style of play will not leak into how other guys will play more aggressively or more firmly."

Ferraro also expressed skepticism about the potential impact of the Toronto Maple Leafs' pursuit of defenseman John Klingberg. While acknowledging Klingberg's ability to move the puck effectively, Ferraro raised concerns about his defensive abilities.

"Defensively, statically, analytically was one of the worst defenders in the league last year, he does move the puck, he's never been a strong defender," Ferraro added.

Ferraro also cast his doubts about Klingberg's game-changing abilities.

"I don't love John Klingberg's game enough to be a game changer."

Ferraro certainly had critical remarks about Brad Treliving's moves in free agency and the potential implications for the Toronto Maple Leafs' performance in the upcoming season. We have to wait and see how these acquisitions will shape the team's future on the ice.

Tyler Bertuzzi joins Toronto Maple Leafs in free agency, leaving Boston Bruins

Tyler Bertuzzi's departure from the Boston Bruins in free agency is significant not only because he is leaving the team, but also because he is joining one of their top rivals in the Eastern Conference.

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced on Sunday that they have signed Bertuzzi to a one-year contract worth $5.5 million.

Boston's general manager, Don Sweeney, confirmed that the likelihood of Bertuzzi returning to the Bruins was slim due to the contract terms and offers from other teams. Sweeney expressed his appreciation for Bertuzzi's contributions to the team and wished him well in his new endeavor.

The Bruins acquired Bertuzzi from the Detroit Red Wings just before the 2022-23 trade deadline in exchange for draft picks. During his time with the Bruins, Bertuzzi played a crucial role, recording four goals and 12 assists in 21 games. In a combined total of 50 games played for both Detroit and Boston, he scored eight goals and provided 22 assists.

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