WATCH: Voice-cracked Connor McDavid elated after Edmonton Oilers eliminate Vancouver Canucks

Edmonton Oilers v Vancouver Canucks - Game One
Voice-cracked Connor McDavid elated after Edmonton Oilers eliminate Vancouver Canucks

Connor McDavid, the super͏star center of the Edmonton Oilers, ͏wa͏s visibly exuberant as he celebrated with intense ͏sho͏uts and fervor alongside his t͏eammates after securing thei͏r spot ͏in the Western Confe͏r͏ence final͏s. Their thril͏ling 3–2 vict͏ory in Monday night's͏ Game 7 against the Vancouver͏ ͏Canucks marked their seco͏nd trip to the conference finals in three seasons.

In the post-game celebration, McDavid's enthusiasm was palpable as he fired up his teammates with aggressive shouts, notably directing his energy towards Dylan Holloway before exchanging quick words with Sam Carrick and Cody Ceci.

However, McDavid's elation seemed to take a toll on his vocal cords, leaving him nearly voiceless for his on-ice interview. The Sportsnet reporter, in a light-hearted moment, advised him to grab a lozenge afterward. McDavid, despite his hoarse voice, reflected on the intense final moments of the game, acknowledging the challenge posed by the Canucks:

"We know how to make it stressful. I thought we played a great 15 minutes... and, you know, kind of give one away there and make it interesting. And they're a great team. They're going to keep battling. So, we hung in there, though. I was proud of the group."

When asked about his team's defensive performance in the critical elimination games, Connor McDavid commended their efforts:

"I thought we defended well. We played two really good games. Backs were against the wall... and we responded, you know, really proud of the group."

Despite the late push from the Canucks, with two͏ la͏te go͏als to narrow the gap, the Oilers managed to fen͏d off the surge ͏and cli͏n͏ch the ͏series. Their next challenge awaits in the form of the Dallas Stars ͏in the conf͏erence finals, which are set to begin on Thursday.

Connor McDavid's dream comes true

Connor McDavid, reflecting on the moments before Game 7 against the Canucks, shared his anticipation and excitement for the game. Drawing from his previous experiences in such important games, McDavid emphasized the blend of familiarity and thrill on

"It's good to have played in a couple of Game 7s, and it's not new to you. But that being said, you've only played in a couple; it's exciting there's going to be that excitement and anticipation there and I'm just looking forward to getting going."

With the Oilers ultimately emerging victorious, McDavid's pre-game sentiments took on the hue of fulfilled dreams. Recalling the significance of playing in such high-stakes games, especially the memorable win against the Los Angeles Kings in 2022 where he contributed significantly. McDavid's words resonated with the excitement of hockey fans everywhere:

"It's something that you dream about, playing in a Game 7. Especially as a Canadian kid in an all-Canadian series, knowing what it means to both fan bases, knowing what it means to the country, it's exciting."

As the Oilers celebrated their win, Connor McDavid's pre-game words echoed his eagerness to win Game 7.

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