"When did NHL become the NBA?" "Won't be this year": NHL fans react to Connor McDavid's need to win Stanley Cup and cement all-timer status

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Dallas Stars at Edmonton Oilers
Fans talk about Connor McDavid's status as Greatest of All Time

Connor McDavid has finally led the Edmonton Oilers into the Stanley Cup finals this season. Being a generational talent, this was one of the few achievements which he hadn't achieved and everyone was expecting it to happen one day.

However, winning the Stanley Cup is the next possible milestone that he can achieve simultaneously. Generally, we see greats getting associated with their Stanley Cup wins. For instance, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Alex Ovechkin, Bobby Orr, etc.

Today the discussion surrounding McDavid's need to win the Stanley Cup to be considered among the greatest of all time (GOAT) recently gained traction after a post by B/R Open Ice posed the question,

"Does McDavid need to lift the Cup to be a part of the GOAT conversation?"

This prompted NHL fans to voice their opinion about Connor McDavid's legacy.

"Since when did the NHL become the NBA?" one fan said.
"Yes, it wont be this year tho," another fan said.
"It'll help him if not he'll never be compared to the other legends As Crosby," one fan said.

However, a section of NHL fans claimed that Connor McDavid has already proved his excellence on so many other levels. They believe that he is already one of the 'Greatest of All Time,' even without a Stanley Cup Championship win.

Some more reactions from fans on X:

"He’s the best hockey player I have ever seen and it’s really not even close so he definitely doesn’t need a cup but obviously it would be nice to watch him win one," a fan said.
"No, he already is," another fan said.
"No. Doesn’t need a cup. I’ve never seen anything like him. The way he plays. I wasn’t alive for the older players. Only haters will hate," a fan said.

Connor McDavid's highlight reel goal in Game Six

Connor McDavid's first Stanley Cup Final appearance is well deserved since he led the Edmonton Oilers to a 2-1 victory over the Dallas Stars. McDavid's highlight-reel goal astounded teammates and even his opponents.

“I like being on that left side, I like being on that left flank, tried to get to the middle of the rink. That was the best way I thought possible and got the backhand on net,” Connor said (per NHL.com).
“It’s mind-boggling to see him pull off something like that,” Ryan Nugent-Hopkins said (per NHL.com). “For him to pull off a play like that tonight is incredible. That’s why he’s our leader."

Moving forward, McDavid is focused on winning the Stanley Cup.

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