"Zero accountability and zero killer instinct": Fans bash Darnell Nurse for post-game comments after Edmonton Oilers' Game 3 loss

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Fans bash Darnell Nurse for post-game comments after Edmonton Oilers' Game 3 loss

Edmonton Oiler͏s defensem͏an Darnell Nurse came under fire ͏for his comments after the disappoin͏ting 5͏-3 ͏loss to the Dal͏l͏as Stars in Game 3 of the Western Conference final.

Nurse's remarks highlighted various aspects of the game but failed to acknowledge critical issues with the Oilers' performance. When asked about the shift in momentum during the second period, Nurse attributed it to the Stars' increased urgency.

"Yeah, they just left their urgency a little harder on the net front," Nurse said. "And now we're jumping into plays and making it count when they got opportunities."

He also seemed to downplay the Oilers' lack of response.

"It's hockey. Happens. Teams have pushes, teams respond. Found our way to get ourselves to the third period in a tie game. Our response wasn't non-existent, it was there," he added.

Nurse's performance also came under scrutiny. He ended with a -2 rating and no shots on go͏al, and appeared to lose focus during Wyatt Johnston’s goal in the second period.

Fans took to X to express their disappointment and frustration with Nurse's performance and his comments.

One of the fans commented,

"Zero accountability and zero killer instinct."

Another fan also showed their frustration:

"The most useless player stands and watches the opposition play"

Fans felt that Darnell Nurse's view lacked a sense of urgency and failed to acknowledge the gravity of the situation.

"What response??? You were up by 2 and stopped playing," one fan said
"Your response?...you were leading remember?" another fan commented
"Nurse ENOUGH With THE Damn Excuses," one pointed out.
"Act disappointed but still don’t do anything in order to fix the problem," one fan chimed in
"You should admit your game was awful," one fan commented
"Take some accountability pls," one fan reacted.

Oilers coach Kris Knoblauch and captain Connor McDavid comment on the loss

Following the Edmonton Oilers' defeat, coach Kris Knoblauch said his side was caught off guard by the Stars' response in the second period.

"It was a complete reversal of the first period... They really were ready to come out hard and have a good push, and we were just kind of hoping things would just continue sailing in the first period, caught us by surprise."

Knoblauch emphasized the importance of maintaining their intensity throughout the game, stating:

"I think we had our start we needed but took our foot off the pedal."

Oilers captain Connor McDavid echoed similar sentiments, acknowledging the opposing team's increased effort:

"I thought they went up a couple levels, and we went down a few levels. Obviously, you see the difference. You try to keep playing... We’re obviously trying to keep playing and we let one get away there."

The Dallas Stars lead the series 2-1. The teams will clash again at Rogers Place for Game 4 on Wednesday.

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