NHL clinching scenarios 2024: How does Toronto Maple Leafs' road to the playoffs look like?

Toronto Maple Leafs v Washington Capitals
How does Toronto Maple Leafs' road to the playoffs look like?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are holding onto the third seed in the Atlantic Division. Toronto was favored to make the playoffs this season after making it to the second round last season.

The Maple Leafs have yet to clinch a playoff spot, but they are closing in on that.

Toronto Maple Leafs' playoff chances

On April 1, the Toronto Maple Leafs had a record of 42-22-9, earning 93 points. They are currently ahead of Tampa Bay by four points, which puts them in a good position to finish third in the Atlantic.

The Maple Leafs haven't officially clinched a playoff spot yet, but MoneyPucks is giving them a 100 percent chance of making the playoffs. Toronto, meanwhile, has the magic number to clinch a playoff spot: two, meaning two more wins by Toronto will officially punch their playoff ticket.

With the way the standings are, the Maple Leafs will likely either play the Boston Bruins or the Florida Panthers. It will come down to whichever team finishes second in the Atlantic, which right now is Florida.

The Toronto Maple Leafs play Florida on April 1 in a potential playoff preview, which has everyone excited.

"I'm expecting a fun one," Ryan Reaves said, via Sportsnet. "It's gonna be physical. It's gonna be direct. It's gonna be high intensity. It's gonna feel like a playoff game. It's a potential playoff matchup, so it's gonna be everything you expect.
"For sure. Now's the time you start peeking at the matchups and who you're potentially playing. When you play a team that you might play in the playoffs twice in the last 10 games, you want to put your best foot forward. Not only that, but you want to send a message."

Florida eliminated the Maple Leafs in five games in the second round of the playoffs last year, so this would be something of a revenge match.

If Toronto defeats Florida on Monday, the Maple Leafs could clinch a playoff berth on Wednesday when they host the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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