Alica Schmidt’s entire career as professional athlete and supermodel explored

Athletics - Day 6 - European Championships Munich 2022 (Image via Getty)
Athletics - Day 6 - European Championships Munich 2022 (Image via Getty)

German track and field star Alica Schmidt rose to fame during the European under-20 athletics competitions, where she won silver in the four × 400m relay. Lately, Schmidt has taken over the internet, becoming a social media sensation.

The 23-year-old was inclined towards athletics from early in her life. She routinely competed in school and also managed to win several regional events.

Schmidt credited her parents for playing a vital part in her inclination towards athletics from a very young age. Her love for sports, along with a strong work ethic, is the reason for her incredible showing in her short career on the track so far.

Schmidt's father, a track and field athlete, sensed her potential early on. She joined a local athletics club and participated in the first track and field competition at seven.

Alica Schmidt's Olympics disaster

In 2021, Alica Schmidt was set to compete for her first Olympic medal in the women’s 4×400 mixed relay.

The German traveled to Tokyo but never got a chance to compete after her team was disqualified after making contact with the Jamaican team in the mixed 4x400m relay. Schmidt also failed to secure a spot in the preliminary 4x400m relay lineup.

Despite not competing at the Olympics, Schmidt gained massive popularity on social media, apparently gaining an additional 500,000 Instagram followers during the Summer Games. The 23-year-old used to post videos documenting her experience inside the Olympic Village.

From being selected by the German Olympic team for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics to taking the internet by storm, the supermodel athlete has amassed a huge following on and off the track.

Despite her viral presence, Schmidt has made it clear that she remains dedicated to athletics and will continue honing her craft with all sincerity.

Schmidt's life off the track

Outside of her sporting life, Schmidt is a social media influencer. She has collaborated with several German brands in fashion, health, and fitness.

Clarifying her position, Schmidt said:

“My focus is on sport. Social media tends to run alongside. Off the track, I’m grateful to my followers because Instagram enables me to do my sport without having to have a part-time job. It is difficult to make a living from athletics alone.”

Several top international brands have collaborated with Schmidt over time. She is sponsored by brands like Puma as a prominent track and field athlete.

Puma signing Alica Schmidt thrust her into the mainstream limelight, after which she received more attention from other brands. This way, she slowly built credibility and boosted advertising revenue.

The massive endorsements have driven her to become a full-time model and fitness influencer from a short but hyped athletics career. Schmidt produces fitness content on Instagram and other social media platforms.

The Puma-endorsed star uses her social media channels to promote related brands and advice on fitness regimes, diet, and clothing options, followed by millions.

Alica Schmidt posted pictures on Instagram after rocking the ramp during the Hugo Boss Fashion Show in Milan last year, her first as a model.

Despite her taking up modeling, Alica Schmidt has also assured fans that her career running track is far from over. The young German athlete has been able to leap into the fashion industry by balancing the catwalk and her career.

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