Lindsey Vonn challenges World No. 1 tennis player Jannik Sinner to hit the "ski move" to celebrate Olympic Day

Tennis star Jannik Sinner (L) and Lindsey Vonn (R)
Tennis star Jannik Sinner (L) and Lindsey Vonn (R)

Lindsey Vonn has dared World No. 1 tennis star Jannik Sinner to join the ski move challenge in the build-up to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Lindsey Vonn challenged the Australian Open champion because he grew up as a competitive skier before switching to tennis.

Speaking to, the former Olympic gold medallist demonstrated how the challenge was to be done. Swinging her body from left to right while jumping, the retired skiing star said that it was the best way in which she could explain the same and urged everyone to join the challenge and share their moves.

"Hey guys, Lindsey Vonn here, I’m an American Alpine Skier in Miami and I am challenging Jannik Sinner, the world’s number one tennis player, to this ski move challenge. I don’t know what else you guys got but chime in and share your moves," she told in a video on Instagram.

The relationship between Lindsey Vonn and Sinner dates back to years ago and the American has witnessed the growth of the 22-year-old, who is now on top of the world.

Speaking to ATP Tour, the 39-year-old explained that it was magical to watch Sinner switch from skiing to tennis and disclosed that’s when they connected.

She added that Sinner is a shy guy who is very humble and kind, and some of the traits can be attributed to his early skiing career. Vonn disclosed that the young tennis sensation also reminds her of Swiss legend Roger Federer.

"He's just a great athlete, very smart and I'm not surprised that he won Australia. I thought he would win before he did, but he's someone that's going to be around for a long time. And he really reminds me of Roger, to be honest," Vonn said.
"If he's under pressure, and he's got to serve, he's got match point or something, the perspective is that if he misses the point, nothing is going to happen. It's not like in skiing, where if you don't take the turn right, you crash, and you could potentially hurt yourself very badly.
"So it's the kind of fearlessness that he puts everything out there no matter what the situation. And that perspective, I think, is really different from most people, most athletes, and I think he uses that to his advantage."

Former Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn supports use of AI to protect Olympic athletes from cyberbullying

2024 Laureus World Sport Awards Madrid - Red Carpet
2024 Laureus World Sport Awards Madrid - Red Carpet

Retired skiing star Lindsey Vonn has embraced plans by the International Olympic Committee to use artificial intelligence to protect Olympic athletes from unwarranted online attacks.

Lindsey Vonn recounted how she was attacked online before the 2018 Winter Games, calling it an unpleasant experience. She lauded the IOC for the bold move to use AI at the 2024 Paris Olympics and the Paralympics to protect competitors from vicious abuse.

The American skiing legend went down memory lane on her painful experience as an active athlete. As per France 24, she said:

"Social media can be a very positive experience but unfortunately I've experienced the other side of it, specifically before the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang."
"I was wildly harassed, and people were sending me death threats and that was really hard for me. You have enough, as an athlete trying to perform at the Olympics, then to deal with people that you know want you to ski off a cliff."

She wished she had access to such opportunities and noted that this year’s 2024 Paris Olympic Games will be a game changer since AI will be used in real-time to take the cyber bullies down.

Meanwhile, on top of using AI to curb cyberattacks, the IOC has plans to use artificial intelligence in sports, to help identify promising athletes, personalize training methods, and make the games fairer by improving judging.

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Edited by Vaishnavi Iyer
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