Michael Johnson reacts to Julien Alfred and team wearing two sets of race kits while competing in the 4x200m at the Texas Relays 2024

Michael Johnson speaks on the Texas Relay team
Michael Johnson speaks on the Texas Relay team

Legendary sprinter Michael Johnson recently reacted to the incredible performances at the Texas Relays 2024. However, one incident that bothered him was the Women's relay team, which won the 4x200m relay, not having a coordinated uniform as they wore two different sets of race outfits.

Michael Johnson became a pioneer of the sport after winning the gold medal in the 200m and 400m at a single Olympic games. Ever since his retirement, the American athlete has always been very focused on improving the conditions of track and field as well as the participating athletes.

Recently, the Texas Relays 2024 witnessed some ground-breaking performances over four days. The relay team consisting of Rhasidat Adelek, Dina Asher-Smith, Rhasidat Adelek, Julien Alfred & Lanae Thomas ran the 4x200m in a world-best time of 1:27.05. Their performance became a matter of discussion on social media in no time.

Michael Johnson noticed that the athletes were wearing different uniforms and took to social media to voice his opinion on the same.

"How cool would it be if they could all wear the same uniform of their own design?" he tweeted.

The major reason for this is the sponsors of the athletes. Track and field athletes are not obliged to wear a particular uniform during competitions unless it is a meet wherein they represent their country. However, athletes sponsored by the same company wear similar outfits during invitational meets.

Michael Johnson's new professional track and field league

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson

Johnson often vocalizes his opinion on the issues that surround track and field. He believes a collective effort must be made to make track and field popular among the masses like every other commercial sport.

In an attempt to support and uplift track and field, Michael Johnson announced his new track venture that would unleash the sport's potential and help it grow to a wider audience.

"BIG things coming to professional track & field!!!," he wrote.
"Hey everybody, just wanted to come out here and let you know how excited I am about my new track venture. I have teamed up with some great partners and together we are making the biggest investment ever into professional track and field to build a professional truly fan-focused league that will unlock commercial value for the best track and field athletes in the world," he said.

By teaming up with Winner's Alliance, Johnson plans to create a league that would be completely fan-focused and help track and field athletes reach a wider audience and become popular like stars in basketball or the NFL. This would help promote track and field among the young generation and cultivate the idea of the sport in their minds.

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