US Swimming Olympic Trials 2024: Qualifying standards for men and women

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Katie Ledekcy set to feature at the trials (Photo: Getty)

The US Swimming Olympic Trials 2024 is all set to take place in June between 15-23 at the Lucas Stadium in Indianapolis. The event will determine two swimmers for each Olympic event to represent the USA Swimming team.

More than 700 swimmers which includes 408 men and 355 women have qualified for the 2024 swimming trials. For the women's division, the 50m freestyle event received the most number of qualifiers with 68 whereas, for the men's division, 69 swimmers qualified for the 100m breaststroke event which is the highest among all the events in the division.

The 19-year-old Sandpipers of Nevada swimmer, Bella Sims has qualified for 11 events in the trials which is the highest for an individual swimmer among both men and women combined. The two-time Olympic gold medalist, Regan Smith, and the four-time World Championships medalist, Katie Grimes follow suit with nine qualifications each.

In the men's division, Kieran Smith from the Ridgefield Aquatic Club and Carson Foster from Mason Manta Rays lead the way with eight qualifications each.

However, the number of qualified swimmers has drastically fallen when compared to the numbers during the 2021 US Swimming Olympic trials. The Men's 50m freestyle event has seen the most drastic fall in numbers with 105 swimmers less than that of 2021. Only two events (Women's 1500m freestyle and Men's 400m Individual Medley) have received more qualifications than the 2021 trials.

With all this said, let's know more about the qualifying standards for the US Swimming trials.

US Swimming Olympic Trials 2024: Complete list of the qualifying standards

Caeleb Dressel
Caeleb Dressel

Below is the complete list of qualifying standards for both men and women in various events of the upcoming US Swimming Olympic Trials:


  • 50m freestyle- 22.79
  • 100m freestyle- 49.99
  • 200m freestyle- 1:49.99
  • 400m freestyle- 3:55.59
  • 800m freestyle- 8:09.69
  • 1500m freestyle- 15:39.89
  • 100m backstroke- 55.69
  • 200m backstroke- 2:01.69
  • 100m breaststroke- 1:02.19
  • 200m breaststroke- 2:15.99
  • 100m butterfly- 53.59
  • 200m butterfly- 2:00.49
  • 200m Individual medley- 2:03.49
  • 400m Individual medley- 4:25.19


  • 50m freestyle- 25.69
  • 100m freestyle- 55.79
  • 200m freestyle- 2:00.89
  • 400m freestyle- 4:15.49
  • 800m freestyle- 8:45.69
  • 1500m freestyle- 16:45.69
  • 100m backstroke- 1:01.89
  • 200m backstroke- 2:13.59
  • 100m breaststroke- 1:10.29
  • 200m breaststroke- 2:31.69
  • 100m butterfly- 1:00.19
  • 200m butterfly- 2:13.69
  • 200m Individual medley- 2:16.09
  • 400m Individual medley- 4:49.89

US Swimming Olympic Trials 2024: Who are qualified

Regan Smith
Regan Smith

The trials will feature some of the most experienced and sought-after swimmers in the American circuit such as Katie Ledekcy and Caeleb Dressel. Besides, young promising swimmers such as Kate Douglass, Regan Smith, Katie Grimes, and Bella Sims will also grace the 2024 US Swimming trials.

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