"Good riddance" — The GOAT fans celebrate Reza Farahan’s elimination

The Goat eliminated contestant Reza Farahan
The Goat eliminated contestant Reza Farahan (Image via Instagram/@rezafarahan)

The GOAT, Amazon Freevee's latest reality show, aired a brand new episode on Thursday, May 30, 2024. The segment saw Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan get eliminated after his team lost the immunity challenge and he received the maximum number of votes.

While Shahs of Sunset fans saw Reza on screen for nine years, they were happy about his elimination in episode 6. They took to social media to celebrate the cast member's exit.

"EXACTLY!!! Reza was stomping on Kristen's grave when she got sent home and he betrayed the Bravo people first, but now when it's done to him suddenly its awful and not okay? Hypocrite a**. Good riddance #TheGOAT," one person wrote on X.
"Ooo! I am so glad Jill, Pao and Joe pointed out how much of a hypocrite Reza's crybaby a** was. He was all for calling Kristen classless on how she exited and he surpassed her. May this be the LAST we see of him on reality TV. #TheGOAT," another person wrote.
"Reza breaking the fourth wall and begging Jill for his life… after emphatically calling her a b*tch after the challenge is something else. Day’s face from the sideline is saying “who’s a b*tch now?” even if she doesn’t know what was said. #TheGOAT," a fan wrote.

The GOAT fans called out the eliminated cast member and termed him a "hypocrite."

"Reza is such a bitter baby and throwing a tantrum that he isn’t getting his way. He didn’t give a sh*t about Jill when he had the numbers & Jill was on the outs. He’s a hypocrite & a baby, whining that people are playing a strategic game. #TheGOAT," a fan wrote.
"YAY Reza is gone... this dude has been annoying since Shahs of Sunset. I'm Team Jill and Team Day, we need ppl there who want to play the game. This show isn't serious at all but I still do wanna see some game related stuff on this silly a** show #TheGOAT," a person wrote.
"Reza acts like he's still on Shahs of Sunset and takes any and every game move made against him as a personal arack, like I get he's not use to competition shows but cmon it's a game #TheGOAT," another person wrote.

Fans of The GOAT further said:

"It makes me very happy seeing Reza eliminated first from The GOAT challenge. We love karma! #TheGOAT," a fan wrote.
"Reza blaming Jill for his downfall and acting like she owes him anything is rich. He never talked game with her after day one. #TheGOAT," another fan wrote.

Reza Farahan opens up about The GOAT elimination

The eliminated contestant opened up about leaving the reality show during their conversation with Parade. He was asked about Jill Zarin not picking him as part of his team and having to approach her to save him. Reza said that he was not confident at all about being saved and knew he was "being exiled."

"The way Jill was acting, she's such a hypocrite. Her and Pao crashed into Jason's interview room, and they're sabotaging the interview. When I enter the room, it cuts to her saying in the interview, "The makeup room is sacred. How is Reza entering the makeup room?" And it's like, Jill, you were acting exactly like you were acting on Below Deck in GOAT Manor!"

He further called the RHONY star a "beast" and said she was entitled. He added that Jill's attitude on The GOAT was "horrendous." The eliminated contestant said that the Bravo celebrity acted like she owned the manor and that production was "her servants."

Reza added that he had "zero faith" in her and that he saw how she was behaving in the house. He said that he knew he didn't stand a "chance" and that he knew he was "dead meat."

After the episode aired, fans of The GOAT chimed in about Reza's elimination and praised Jill and Pao's strategy for eliminating the Shahs of Sunset star.

The GOAT will return next week on Thursday with a brand new episode on Amazon Freevee.

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