Perfect Match season 2 trailer breakdown - 3 major takeaways

Perfect match season 2 cast (Image via Netflix)
Perfect match season 2 cast (Image via Netflix)

Season 2 of the most-awaited dating reality show, Perfect Match, is finally here and is about to be released on June 7. Like season 1, the second season too sees some of the most popular stars from other dating reality shows on Netflix come together to try and find their Perfect Match.

The newest season will consist of 22 participants, who will check their compatibility with each other, and the ones to emerge strong will also decide the fates of other relationships on the show.

A promising trailer for the upcoming season was dropped on the official YouTube channel of Netflix on May 21. Nick Lachey, Netflix's dating reality show guru, will host the new season, which will include new games for the contestants, fights, and twists to keep viewers interested.

3 takeaways from the trailer of Perfect Match season 2

1) It's hard to believe anyone

It's only natural for the contestants to feel the pressure when they're trying to find the one in a sea full of fish. The trailer for Perfect Match season 2 reveals the volatile environment of the show, which is marked by moments mistrust and confrontations among contestants.


Elys is seen romancing both Justin and Harry. There's a glimpse of her making out with the former while she takes the latter into a room that has the "Do Not Disturb" sign.

Harry, on the other hand, is playing the same game. He has fun moments with Jessica and even admits to feeling excited about the future with her, but is seen going to a room with Elys.

Jessica admits in a confessional that she is unsure what to believe. Another snippet shows Dom asking a co-star, "If everyone's so genuine, why did you come here?" in reference to the latter's remarks about their previous dating show having more genuine people. This means they felt Perfect Match season 2 lacked such people.

2) Participants fight as emotions run high

As 22 young, good-looking contestants vie to find their Perfect Match, they are also drawn into a world of deception and stealth. With mistrust at an all-time high and new twists that keep their dynamics changing, even the toughest contestants are seen cracking in the trailer.

A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube/@Netflix)
A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube/@Netflix)

A female contestant is seen saying, "He kissed me over there," with another adding, "He's denying that you guys kissed," as Dominique is seen weeping. In a confessional, Elys says that she feels like she is living in a madhouse; while another confessional sees Harry criticizing a co-star for allegedly acting like a "mean girl."

Jessica is seen in a tiff with someone asking them rhetorically, "You know who feels bad for you?" before answering it herself, saying, "No one."

3) Season 2 of Perfect Match is full of spicy moments

The trailer opens with some of the spiciest moments on the show, as Micah sits on Bryton to give him a bodyshot. In another clip, Nigel is seen giving Alara a massage.

A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube/@Netflix)
A still from the trailer (Image via YouTube/@Netflix)

The introductions of some of the characters are as thrilling as the visuals themselves. In a confessional Jessica says that she has a very specific type. Trevor, after getting flaked for having a girlfriend outside while he was on Love is Blind season 6, said that he was there on Perfect Match to redeem himself. Harry Jowsey says that he was going to lead with his heart and keep "him" tucked away.

The trailer gets spicier as it shows some of the challenges the competitors have to go through to emerge victorious. In a raunchy-looking challenge, the contestants are blindfolded and have headphones on, so they have no idea who they are getting intimate with. Another sees them walking on ropes without much support.

Episodes 1 to 6 of Perfect Match season 2 will be released on June 7, followed by episodes 7 to 9 on June 14, and episode 10 on June 21.

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