Summer House: What does Danielle Olivera do? Everything to know about her job 

Danielle Olivera (Image via Instagram/@danielleolivera)
Danielle Olivera (Image via Instagram/@danielleolivera)

The Summer House fans got curious about Danielle Olivera's career. In the recent episode, she stated that she is the Founder and CEO of a company named Donne. This venture helps its users style their existing clothes better and also helps them organize their closets, according to Bravo.

Danielle has been an integral part of the show since its second season, and the fans have seen her working while on her summer vacation in the Hamptons House. During that time, Danielle used to work in the Fintech industry, which she allegedly quit to start her new venture, according to what she shared in season 5 of the show.

What does the Summer House star Danielle Olivera do?

In a Bravo interview taken in August 2023, Danielle Olivera spoke about her fashion app Donne. During the launch of the app, in an Instagram ask-me-anything session, Danielle explained the function of her app saying

"Knowing what’s in your closet, knowing how to style what’s in your closet, connecting you with style experts, help shopping, [and] help getting rid of what you don’t need."

She said that the idea came from the problems she faced herself. She shared that sometimes she didn't know what to wear and didn't have the time to think, so she wished there was something to help her out. She came up with Donne, with the objective that it will help working women sort their closets out, saving time.

In the same Instagram Live, she also shared the progress of her company. She said that even though they had a small team then, they definitely wanted to expand it. And to do so, she wanted to raise some capital so the expansion could be quicker. In the interview, she also shared that she hoped for the app to go Beta by the summer, which it did.

Danielle Olivera launched Donne on August 24, 2023, with a launch party, attended by most of her Summer House co-stars. Like Danielle said, they were her first users, so their presence at the party held immense importance. They all shared pictures from the party on their personal Instagram handles, giving Danielle the much-needed shoutout.

What did Danielle Olivera do before she launched her fashion app Donne?

During the past seasons of Summer House, viewers saw Olivera working from her room in the Hamptons house. Her LinkedIn profile states that she works in FinTech, but she has left the industry for her own venture. In an interview with Cheatsheet which came out in March 2021, Danielle Olivera explained the nature of her job. She said

"So my background has always been in finance. And like probably five years ago I moved into technology, but kind of combining the two and working in the fintech industry."

She said that she was a product manager and that she worked with the coders to build software that was useful in the financial industry.

As per her LinkedIn, Danielle graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. She then acquired a certificate in Software Product Management and a Scrums Master Certificate.

Apart from her academics, Danielle Olivera is also an active volunteer, as well as she has 10 years of experience as an athlete, as per Linkedin. She plays footfall for the Alzheimer's Association, New York City Chapter.

New episodes of Summer House season 8 come out every Thursday, at 9 pm ET, on Bravo.

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