Survivor season 46: Who went home tonight?

Survivor season 46 contestant Hunter
Survivor season 46 contestant Hunter (Image via Instagram/@phmackk)

CBS' Survivor season 46 aired a new episode this week on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. During the segment, the contestants expressed their frustration with Q wanting to leave the show and being vocal about it in the previous tribal council.

As per the synopsis of the episode

"Confusion and chaos continue to make waves throughout camp after a shocking tribal council; castaways must test their balance to earn safety and a spot in the final eight."

By the end of the episode, Hunter was voted out of the jungle after an intense tribal council meeting.

What happened in Survivor season 46 episode 9


In Survivor season 46 episode 9, Spicy Jeff, the cast was at odds due to the events of the previous tribal council. The contestants unanimously felt blindsided by Q's desire to leave the show. Q also had to answer Tiffany as to why he told the rest of the castaways that she had an immunity idol.

The segment saw a lot of discussions about who to send home next and which alliances were still intact and before the next challenge, the season 46 castaways had to divide themselves into teams of three.

The teams were:

  • Kenzie, Ben, and Tiffany
  • Hunter, Marie, and Charlie
  • Q, Venus, and Liz.

Q didn't want Hunter to win the challenge and attempted to conspire with Survivor contestants Marie and Charlie to underperform deliberately. However, the two didn't want to throw their teammate under the bus and wanted to target Tiffany in the upcoming tribal council.

The following day, they made their way to the challenge location where Jeff Probst explained that the team challenge was divided into three parts and every part would make someone unsafe. The team that made it to the third round would have to compete within themselves to win individual immunity.

Before the challenge began, Jeff Probst interacted with the cast and called out Q, Liz, and Venus's team for being the weakest. He thought that they would be the first team out and asked them to prove him wrong.

The Survivor host said

"This is what everybody watching right now is thinking. That’s what this game is: If we can’t say what we are seeing, what’s the point in being out here?"

Kenzie, Ben, and Tiffany were the first team eliminated from the task. In the second part, Venus, Q and Liz's team were eliminated. This left Hunter, Charlie, and Marie fighting for immunity in the final part of the challenge.

Charlie won the immunity and Hunter and Marie joined the unsafe batch of contestants in Survivor season 46 episode 9. After placing a bullseye on his back in the previous episode by requesting votes from the other participants, Q felt threatened. However, he wanted to target either Tiffany or Hunter, both of whom had immunity idols. While the cast knew about Tiffany's idol, they were unaware that Hunter also possessed one.

When Tiffany expressed wanting to play her idol in the next tribal council, Maria decided to try and collect votes against Hunter and send him home. When Hunter found out about the plan, he told Q that he may play his idol as well and tried to rally the group against Ben.

At the tribal council, the Survivor stars started to air out their dirty laundry and Tiffany and Q got into an argument about why the latter revealed to the group that she had an immunity idol. Tiffany also revealed that the male cast member wanted to vote for either Venus or Hunter which didn't sit well with some members.

The cast then cast voted and neither Tiffany nor Hunter played their idols. Q and Hunter received four votes each which led to a recount and Hunter got eliminated.

Survivor season 46 will return next week with a brand new episode on CBS.

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