The Kardashians season 5 episode 2: Release Date and timings for all regions

A cover image of The Kardashians (Image via @kardashianshulu)
A cover image of The Kardashians (Image via @kardashianshulu)

The Kardashians season 5 made its first appearance this season on Thursday, May 23. The show will have new episodes coming out for fans every Thursday. The previous episode, i.e., the first episode, ended with Kim, Kris, Kylie, and Kendall's Paris trip, leaving fans eager to see what happens next. The second episode is now all set to release on Thursday, May 30.

At the end of episode 1, following the tradition of sneak peeks into the next episode, a trailer for episode 2 was shown. Fans of the show as well as of Kim might be abreast of the transition into the field of acting that she is making and her role in American Horror Story, and episode 2 is expected to cover her developments on that very aspect.

In the upcoming episode, Kendall is also shown meeting her favorite show Golden Bachelor's star Gerry Turner, while Kim and Kris have an intense discussion about Kim's work-life balance and Khloe's inflexibility. Kris and Corey are also shown attending the Loreal Fashion Show, where Kendall walks the runway.

Release Date and timings for all regions for episode 2 of The Kardashians

The Kardashians is back with another very thrilling and entertaining season packed ahead, showing the most juicy parts of the lives of these famous personalities.

The second episode, titled Get it Together, is all set to release on Thursday, May 30. The release date and time according to different time zones is mentioned below:

Time Zone (Abbreviation)TimeDate
Eastern Time (ET)12 AM
May 30
Central Time (CT)11 PMMay 29
Mountain Time (MT)10 PMMay 29
Pacific Time (PT)9 PMMay 29
Alaska Time (AKT)8 PMMay 29
Hawaii-Aleutian Time (HAT)6 PMMay 29
Atlantic Time (AT)1 AMMay 30
Newfoundland Time (NT)1:30 AMMay 30
British Summer Time (BST)5 AMMay 30
Central European Time (CET)6 AMMay 30
Eastern European Time (EET)7 AMMay 30
India Standard Time (IST)9:30 AMMay 30
China Standard Time (CST)12 PMMay 30
Japan Standard Time (JST)1 PMMay 30
Australian Eastern Time (AET)2 PMMay 30

As per the trailer released, it seemed like Kris will be inviting Gerry Turner, the first Golden Bachelor contestant, because Kendall loves him.

What to expect from episode 2 of The Kardashians

The trailer for the popular show was dropped for episode 2 a week ago, along with episode 1. Episode 2 of the show, as can be seen in the trailer, will feature Kim and the family attending the premiere of American Horror Story. In the same episode's trailer, Kim was shown acting alongside well-known actors such as Emma Roberts and model-actress Cara Delevigne.

However, the opening of season 5 of the show reveals that no changes have occurred in Kim's work life. She is still equally working hard, if not more. In a short part of episode 1, Khloe agreed to the fact that Kim still hasn't pulled back.

In The Kardashians episode 2 trailer, Kim is seen celebrating her acting success and the premiere of the new season. As Scott popped a bottle of champagne, Kim toasted to the occasion:

"I can officially apply for a star on the Walk of Fame!"

Fans and followers of the show know that Kim had previously spoken about taking a step back from work to focus more on her life with her kids and family in the coming years. The second episode is likely to focus on the balance between Kim's work and personal lives.

With Kim's acting debut in American Horror Story taking center stage, along with the family's high-profile engagements and personal discussions, the season promises to deliver the drama and excitement viewers have come to expect.

Episode 2, airing on Thursday, May 30, will undoubtedly keep fans on the edge of their seats as they witness the Kardashians navigate their intricate lives and relationships.

New episodes of The Kardashians season 5 come out every Thursday on Hulu.

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