Top Chef: Wisconsin episode 11— Recap and more details explored

Top Chef: Wisconsin episode 11
Top Chef: Wisconsin episode 11 recap (Image via YouTube/ @Bravo)

Top Chef: Wisconsin episode 11 aired on Bravo on Wednesday, May 29, 2024. With the competition getting even more intense with every episode, the latest episode began with the five remaining contestants. However, they were later joined by a surprise contestant from the Last Chance Kitchen.

Episode 11 of Top Chef: Wisconsin featured a guessing game in Quickfire and a blank canvas for all the chefs to get creative, which was the Elimination Challenge.

Top Chef: Wisconsin official synopsis reads:

"Bravo's Top Chef serves up new flavors this season when host Kristen Kish joins head judge Tom Colicchio and perennial judge Gail Simmons at the judges' table as they head to the Midwest to call Wisconsin home."

Top Chef: Wisconsin episode 11- recap

Top Chef: Wisconsin episode 11 began with all the chefs missing their families. Dan, who had been together with his wife for 18 years, shared:

"Not only is she my wife, she’s my best friend."

While Manny shared:

"The person that is rooting for me the hardest is my fiancée, Molly."

However, they discuss that they need to focus on their work for now and will soon get to be with their loved ones.

The chefs then went to the kitchen for their Quickfire challenge. As soon as they walked in, Kristen asked them:

"Who’s ready to take on Tom?"

Before the chefs arrived, Judge Tom had prepared a dish for Kristen and Gail. The contestants were tasked to prepare the same dish without tasting or seeing it; however, they could smell the remaining bits of the dish.

Moreover, they were allowed to ask Tom four Yes/No questions. Also, they got to know the returning chef from Last Chance Kitchen, Laura.

Savannah impressed the judges with her work. While the judges appreciated everyone’s dishes, Savannah's utilization of the wok, tipped her a win in the Quickfire round.

Elimination Challenge: Top Chef: Wisconsin episode 11

Next was the Elimination Challenge. For that, chefs were tasked with preparing a dish that would be served on the tabletop, as their plate. Curtis Duffy was the guest judge for this task.

Danny, who had won the previous Elimination Challenge, was given an extra 30 minutes to cook for this task.

Danny, Laura, and Dan were the top three contestants who won the Elimination Challenge. They successfully represented their art-inspired approach to the challenge. Danny used Basquiat paintings, and black rice paella framed with a border of various purees. Moreover, he also added zucchini, black garlic, and crème fraiche, which judges loved.

Dan presented a vegetarian dish with smoked beet tartar, shallots with a seed puree, and pickled zucchini apples. It also included candid pumpkin seeds, fried kale salad, scallion powder, black garlic labneh with horseradish emulsion, and puffin flatbread.

Lastly, Laura decided to go for sweet, with rose, raspberry, and mochi ice cream. Accompanied by pistachio sauces, sour cherry with honey maras, and clotted cream, she topped it with a crispy baklava ring for dipping. All three judges loved her presentation and appreciated her imagination in preparing it.

Ultimately, Laura won the Elimination Challenge. The bottom two contestants were Michelle and Manny. While Manny decided to take a risk with risotto, Michelle decided on a brunch theme that included beet biscuits, cured salmon, eggs with caviar, pickled beets with capers, seasoned potato chips, and fig jam.

Judges weren’t intrigued by the presentation. Tom said that the brunch:

"Didn’t taste right collectively."

In the end, Michelle was eliminated, and her Top Chef journey ended.

Top Chef: Wisconsin season 21 airs on Bravo on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET.

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