Top Chef season 21: Who went home tonight?

Top Chef contestant Rasika
Top Chef contestant Rasika (Image via Instagram/@chefrasikav)

Top Chef season 21 aired a brand new episode on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. During the segment, the contestant started the day with a not-so-pleasant surprise as the winners of Last Chance Kitchen joined the remaining contestants in the race.

The synopsis of the episode reads

"A Last Chance Kitchen surprise changes the game; Milk Bar's Christina Tosi joins Kristen for a sweet Quickfire that requires the chefs to create a dairy-forward dessert; the chefs must serve a dish that exemplifies chaos cuisine."

By the end of the episode, another contestant was eliminated and this time, it was Rasika.

What happened in Top Chef season 21 episode 6?

In Top Chef season 21 episode 6, titled Chaos Cuisine, two contestants joined the remaining chefs after competing in Last Chance Kitchen. After welcoming the contestants to the kitchen, Kristen Kish told the cast that since two chefs returned to the show, in the future, there is a possibility of two chefs going home in the same night.

As part of their Quickfire Challenge, the season 21 cast had to make a dairy-based dessert in 45 minutes to win $7,500. Kaleena came up with a salted caramel and rum custard, rum caramel, mascarpone, and creme fraiche whip. Manny made a fried churro with orange blossom, lemon whipped cream, and strawberry compote.

Amanda whipped up a cheddar biscuit shortcake with banana pastry cream and vanilla chantilly, while Rasika made a shrikhand with saffron. Soo Ahn, Top Chef season 21's wildcard contestant, made PB&J, a brioche puree, brioche shards, peanut brittle, and pasilla pepper-blueberry jam. Michelle made corn cake with mascarpone cheese, basil cream, and lemon zest, while Laura made a chocolate muhallebi, espresso whipped cream, butter crumble, and caramel.

Danny made a cream puff with black sesame pastry cream while Savannah served the judges a floating island made with creme anglaise with meringue, apple, and cranberry vinegar. Kevin made a shortbread cookie, strawberry and basil jam, cream cheese vanilla chantilly, and butter tuile. Dan whipped up a dark chocolate pudding, macerated plums, basil, and fried baguette.

While Kaleena, Michelle, and Amanda all had impressive dishes, Michelle won the challenge.

The Top Chef season 21 cast members then competed in an elimination challenge where the theme was Chaos. Guest judge Manny Matheson said:

"Chaos is an amalgamation of where did you come from, what have you learned, where are you going, what's your culinary voice. Chaos is every single day."

Kristen explained that the cast had to come up with dishes that "break the mold of culinary convention."

The chefs served up the following dishes:

  • Tahdig, Yuzu Kosho Sauce, Quail Eggs, Salmon and Seaweed Salad by Laura
  • Black Garlic Pappardelle with Cumin Lamb Ragu, XO Sauce, Celery Leaf and Shrimp Chips by Amanda
  • General Soo’s Shrimp with Salsa Verde and Salsa Roja by Soo Ahn
  • Esquites Risotto with Burnt Tortilla Aioli by Manny
  • Potato with Raspberry, Tarragon and White Chocolate by Kevin
  • Vietnamese Shrimp and Pork Arayes, Puffed Rice and Herb Salad served by Michelle
  • Okonomiyaki Funnel Cake with Seafood, Bacon, Pickles, Caviar and Herbs by Dan
  • Crab and Eggplant with Mushroom Conserva, Dukkah and Garlic Tahini by Rasika
  • Trash Burrito: Agnolotti with Ancho Chile and Morita Crema by Kaleena
  • Potato Souffle with Golden Milk, Tropical Fruit and Mustard Greens by Savannah
  • Scallop Chou Farci with Yuzu Kosho Foam by Danny

After the meal service, the Top Chef season 21 chefs awaited the judges' decision. While Soo Ahn, Savannah, Danny, and Dan had impressive dishes, Rasika and Michelle failed to impress the judges. Rasika was asked to pack up her knives and leave the culinary competition.

Top Chef will return next week with a brand new episode on Bravo.

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