Who was unmasked on The Masked Singer season 11 episode 7? Contestants revealed

Ugly Sweater from The Masked Singer season 11 (Image via Instagram/@maskedsingerfox)
Ugly Sweater from The Masked Singer season 11 (Image via Instagram/@maskedsingerfox)

The most recent episode of The Masked Singer season 11 aired on April 17, 2024, and doubled up as the Group A Finals. The three singers from Group A took to the stage to showcase their musical prowess.

It wasn't long before the judges of The Masked Singer season 11 themselves were impressed by the performances, leading up to the anticipated unmasking. Two contestants, Ugly Sweater and Starfish, were eliminated and unmasked.

The celebrities behind the costumes were Charlie Wilson (Ugly Sweater) and Kate Flannery (Starfish).

For the unversed, The Masked Singer brings together a unique alchemy of music and mystery. Unlike other music-based reality show, it features a group of celebrity contestants competing against each other in masked costumes, while the judges and the audiences vote for their performance.

The Masked Singer season 11 unmasking and more details

Both Ugly Sweater and Starfish belonged to Group A before they were eliminated and unmasked. Before exiting the show, Ugly Sweater performed his rendition of the Queen classic, I Want To Break Free. The audience then voted for one of the contestants to be unmasked and the lot fell on Ugly Sweater.

The person behind the mask turned out to be Charlie Wilson. Apart from being a Grammy nominee, Wilson has also been the frontman for The Gap Band.

Starfish was the second celebrity contestant whose identity was revealed as she met her fate during the Battle Royale competition. Starfish delivered her performance of the wildly popular Queen song titled Another One Bites The Dust. However, Starfish subsequently lost the round to Goldfish. Starfish was soon unmasked and audiences were shocked to find The Office star Kate Flannery behind the outfit.

Following the elimination of Ugly Sweater and Starfish, the remaining contestants of The Masked Singer season 11 include Beets, Clock, Goldfish, Gumball, Poodle Moth, Miss Cleocatra, and Seal.

What happened on The Masked Singer season 11 episode 7?

Titled Queen Night, the latest episode of The Masked Singer season 11 paid tribute to the famous rock band, Queen. Three members from Group A i.e. Ugly Sweater, Goldfish and Starfish took to the stage and competed against each other. The trio kicked off the show by singing We Are The Champions together as a group.

Ugly Sweater was the first one to perform. His clue package stated that he had been upcycled and recycled more times than he could keep count. It also pointed out that he had inspired legendary artists such as Snoop Dogg and Nirvana. His visual aids consisted of a pool float, a crying face emoji, a prayer hand emoji, and a 24-carat gold bar.

Goldfish (Image via Instagram/@maskedsingerfox)
Goldfish (Image via Instagram/@maskedsingerfox)

Next up on the show was Starfish. His visual aids package included a telescope, a golden bell, and a white rabbit. She sang the Queen song Under Pressure.

The last contestant to take the stage was Goldfish and she sang, The Show Must Go On. She further revealed losing her best supporter the night before landing her dream role. Her clue package contained a map of an island, an image of a goldfish, a poster of a rose, and a wizard's hat.

Starfish (Image via Instagram/@maskedsingerfox)
Starfish (Image via Instagram/@maskedsingerfox)

Ultimately, Ugly Sweater and Starfish were voted out and their true identities were revealed.

The Masked Singer season 11 airs every Wednesday on FOX.

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