Dark Matter episode 8 ending explained: Jasons vs Jasons

Dark Matter episode 8 ending explained (Image via Apple TV+)
Dark Matter episode 8 ending explained (Image via Apple TV+)

In a way, one could say that Dark Matter episode 8 has been one of the most mind-bending episodes in the entirety of season 1, given the complexities shown from the start till the end. Titled Jupiter, episode 8 was anticipated to be the grand reunion of Jason 1 and his real family.

However, the previous installment wasn’t the end of the multiversal chaos but something of a precursor to more. The ultimate cliffhanger at the end of episode 7 indeed coined the possibility of how many Jasons are there. With the Box in the play, the possibilities for Jasons have always been infinite.

As seen in the latest episode there were not two or three Jasons, but infinite, which vary like the stars in the night sky, each with the same origin story, yet not all of them belong to the same reality. Read on to learn more about every main highlight that transpired in Dark Matter episode 8.

(Note: As the series revolves around the same characters from different worlds, each individual will be referred to with a number at the end of their name, which is given based on their chronological appearance on the show.)

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers for Dark Matter episode 8. Reader discretion is advised.

Dark Matter episode 8 sees many versions of Jason in one reality

Versions of Jasons chasing after Daniella and Charlie, as seen in Dark Matter episode 8 (Image via Apple TV+)
Versions of Jasons chasing after Daniella and Charlie, as seen in Dark Matter episode 8 (Image via Apple TV+)

Dark Matter episode 8 kicked off with Jason 2 being attacked by his counterpart. However, this wasn’t the Jason 1 or the main Jason of the storyline whom fans were following since the beginning, but someone who carried the same vengeance for Jason 2 and the desire to reunite with Daniella and Charlie.

The first quarter of episode 8 continued to be a mystery, seeing at least four versions of Jason 1, including the main protagonist, until the bar scene.

After Jason 1 successfully evaded one of his counterparts who was chasing him, he met another version of himself at the Village Tap bar, where it came to light that he was inadvertently responsible for this chaos.

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While discussing, both Jasons eventually figured out that every time Jason 1 entered the Box it created a different Jason, and the same thing happened with other Jasons too. As the episode progressed, it was evident that there were more than three Jasons all after Jason 2’s life and the resolve to reclaim Daniella and Charlie.

However, despite they all faced the same tragedy as Jason 1, to reunite with Daniella and Charlie, they will become each other’s enemies. The chaos can only be stopped if all the Jasons band together to find their exact realities which seems to be another daunting task for each one of them.

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Did Daniella meet her Jason at the end of Dark Matter episode 8?

Jason 1 hugging Charlie, as seen in Dark Matter episode 8 (Image via Apple TV+)
Jason 1 hugging Charlie, as seen in Dark Matter episode 8 (Image via Apple TV+)

After learning about Jasons from multiple realities and the impostor in her house, Daniella was utterly shocked. The only way Jason 1 could have met his wife was through external forces, so he decided to get himself arrested, which could lead the official authorities to call his spouse.

His idea really worked and Jason 1 finally reunited with his wife and explained everything that happened. At first, it sounded like a joke or if her husband was losing his mind. However, Daniella eventually learned that she was living with an impostor all this time.

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Since there were many versions of him, Jason 1 told his wife that they should have a safe word and agreed on “Jupiter.” This word would serve to confirm whether the person she encountered the next time at the mutually agreed location was indeed her husband, not another impostor.

For Daniella and Charlie, it was like an endless nightmare where they had to deal with many Jasons. It was not until they arrived at the Millennium Park’s The Bean, that Jason 1 agreed to meet. After saying the safe word, it got confirmed that the person Daniella and Charlie met in the end was indeed Jason 1.

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Dark Matter episode 8: What happened to Ryan 3?

Ryan 3 talking to Daniella, as seen in Dark Matter episode 8 (Image via Apple TV+)
Ryan 3 talking to Daniella, as seen in Dark Matter episode 8 (Image via Apple TV+)

A new addition to the current storyline was Ryan 3 from a reality where he was not a physicist, but a simple mechanic. Jason 2 considered him to be a perfect scapegoat to fill the absence of Ryan 1, as it would be challenging for him to escape, or even explain to anyone that he wasn’t the person they expected him to be.

Jason 2 was aware that the new Ryan in Jason 1’s reality acting all weird would make others believe that he could have lost his mind and would be stuck in an endless cycle of suspicion and misunderstanding. However, unbeknownst to Jason 2, Daniella was on his tail to figure out whether he had to do anything with Ryan’s condition.

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Even if Ryan 3 would get to learn about everything that happened to him it will eventually make him feel like someone is pranking him. His fate is undermined in the storyline, but for the time being, he's stuck in this reality, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

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