Evil season 4 episode 3 ending explained: Did Kristen finally meet her Antichrist baby

Evil season 4 episode 3 ending explained (Image via Paramount+)
Evil season 4 episode 3 ending explained (Image via Paramount+)

Evil season 4 episode 3, titled “How to Slaughter a Pig,” was released on June 6, 2024. The latest episode ended with the birth of the Antichrist, who is apparently a newborn human baby, and the biological child of Leland and Kristen.

Besides the main continuing plot, the latest episode dwells into each character’s storyline and it was indeed enthralling as anticipated. With the birth of the Antichrist, Woe to Babylon 38 Days’ prophesy is seemingly nearing, and the evil entities are all set to take over the world by storm.

Evil season 4 episode 3 also came with some significant revelations involving Leland’s another evil plan, progress in David’s clairvoyant abilities, and more. Read on to learn more about how Evil season 4 episode 3 ended and all the major highlights.

Disclaimer: This article contains significant spoilers for Evil season 4 episode 3. Reader discretion is advised.

Evil season 4 episode 3: Why is Leland planning to kill the mother of the Antichrist?

The Antichrist baby, as seen in Evil season 4 episode 3 (Image via Paramount+)
The Antichrist baby, as seen in Evil season 4 episode 3 (Image via Paramount+)

While Sheryl was discussing the misogynistic treatment the women were getting from the company, she planned to form a union and take over. However, the planning paused midway after Leslie’s water broke and she had to be rushed to the hospital. Given the pain was insufferable, she was given an epidural to comfort her.

However, she eventually woke up after some time and found Leland discussing with the nurse that the Antichrist’s mother needed to be killed, to be later fed to her child. Based on her condition and the supernatural mess she got herself into, her fear was overwhelming, and she sought Sheryl’s help.

Without giving it much thought, Sheryl confronted the nurse straightforwardly, only to be told that Leslie’s condition was causing her to hallucinate and hear things. However, Leland later told Leslie that whatever she heard was the truth.

Leland affirmed to Leslie that they were talking about the biological mother, Kristen, who will be fed to the Antichrist later.

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Leland told Leslie that given Kristen was unwilling to join their cause, he would need her help. Eventually, Leslie called Kristen for help and convinced her a lot. After arriving at the hospital, Kristen helped calm Leslie during her labor. Later, the former got to learn that the baby was named after her father.

Although Kristen didn’t want to be a part of this, she seemed very emotional while holding the baby. However, there was something that didn’t seem right. When Leland already confirmed to Leslie that it was the biological mother who would be killed for the Antichrist, she didn’t relay this specific part to Kristen.

It means that Leslie, fearing her own life and accepting Leland’s offer, tricked Kristen into bringing her over to the hospital through emotional manipulation. Kristen has formed a connection with the child, and that's what Leland wanted all along.

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Evil season 4 episode 3: Were the pigs really possessed?

A deformed pig, as seen in Evil season 4 episode 3 (Image via Paramount+)
A deformed pig, as seen in Evil season 4 episode 3 (Image via Paramount+)

In Evil season 4 episode 3, David, Ben, and Kristen received a new mission where they had to investigate a pig farm that was rumored to be inflicted by some demonic entity.

On arriving at the location they didn’t see anything unusual. Suddenly, Kristen grazed her knee on a metal fence, which left a small cut, and the blood dripping out caused the pigs to act a little strange.

Ben noticed that the neighbor was using his drones to monitor the fields for possible intrusion. He paid a visit to the neighbor and checked the recordings. Ben was startled after finding that Anthony, the son of the farm keeper was crabwalking throughout the field as if he was possessed.

After the trio confronted the farm keeper, he revealed that his son was indeed acting strange a few days before and found help from the Trio of God, a three-girls group of self-proclaimed exorcists, who shifted the demon entity from Anthony to the pigs on the farm.

However, Ben’s encounter with an abnormal pig later that night discovered that the farm keeper was relying on feedback, a practice of the pork industry to feed the livestock deceased pigs. After confronting the farm owner, Anthony, and their lawyer, Ben said that pigs bred in this way develop aggressive behavior with an intent to kill and eat a human whole.

While Kristen was unavailable, both David and Ben tore off the non-disclosure agreement they were being asked to sign. In the end, it was proved that the pigs weren't really possessed, and the viral videos were fake.

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Evil season 4 episode 3: What did David see in his visions?

The trio, as seen in Evil season 4 episode 3 (Image via Paramount+)
The trio, as seen in Evil season 4 episode 3 (Image via Paramount+)

Father Dominic continued to help David enhance his remote viewing abilities by handing him numbers on a piece of paper, which turned out to be a coordinate of a place in Ethiopia.

Dominic revealed that David had to make his choice given a group of Christian missionaries whose lives were at stake at the hands of the head of the military, General Gutermann.

Later, David experienced a vision of seeing dead people including both men and women at the place where he also saw the flag of Ethiopia. He later revealed this to Dominic, who was shocked after learning that he saw a red triangle symbol on his hand.

Dominic told to David that what he was experiencing was not a vision but his “Perfect Sight Immersion” allowing him to see through the dictator’s eyes, given the red triangle was the scar on the General’s right hand. David didn’t believe in Dominic’s words and stormed off by calling it simply visions.

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