Fact check: Is Supernatural getting a new spin-off on Sam and Dean Winchester?

Fact check: New Supernatural spin-off about Sam and Dean Winchester (Image via Facebook @yodabbyaby/ X post@supernatural)
Fact check: New Supernatural spin-off about Sam and Dean Winchester (Image via Facebook @yodabbyaby/ X post@supernatural)

Lots of fans are getting excited about rumors of a new show related to Supernatural, starring the fan-favorites, Sam and Dean Winchester. Many loyal viewers have been digging around online, looking for any small piece of news that might confirm a new series is in the works.

The excitement got an enormous boost because of some talk on a Facebook page famous for posting big updates about TV shows and movies. That page has made Supernatural fans super excited by suggesting that there might be a new spin-off on the way.

A Facebook page named YODA BBY ABY is notorious in some groups for posting news that isn't always checked or certain. Before fans get excited about the idea of seeing more adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester, the news about a new spin-off is not officially confirmed yet.

Can fans expect Supernatural to get a new spin-off?

After the Facebook page posted a message saying that there was going to be a new show about Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural, lots of people started talking about it with excitement. This news spread fast on websites like Twitter and Instagram, making many fans very hopeful and curious. Since Supernatural is a popular show that left many fans sad when it ended, it's easy to see why people would get excited about any news or more stories about these characters.

To figure out if these rumors are true, it's important to look at where they came from. The Facebook page that started this massive wave of speculation and excitement is notorious for lacking credibility. Before, it has spread news that ended up being wrong or blown out of proportion.

Without a real "yes" from the creators of this new show, the actors who would star in it, or the TV network that would show it, we should be careful about believing any news about new projects.

No official statements in validating spin-off projects

No one from Warner Bros., The CW, or any important people who would be involved in making a new show about the Winchester brothers have said for sure that it's happening.

Before, when they tried to make new shows connected to the main storyline, like Supernatural: Bloodlines, they told everyone about it long before they wanted to release the show, but those shows didn't end up happening.

Because there have been no official talks or news about a new show lately, this hints that there might not be one in the works right now.

Lots of people are excited and talking about the possibility of a new TV show related to an old favorite, but there's no official word that it's happening. The information about this new show isn't coming from a trusted place, so it's confirmed that we'll get to see more stories about Sam and Dean Winchester.

If you want to watch their original stories, you can go to Amazon Prime Video and look for Supernatural. The show has 15 seasons full of exciting moments where Sam and Dean fight against scary, magical creatures. Depending on where you live in the U.S., this show might or might not be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, so fans should check if they can watch it from their location.

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