"I didn't know it was coming"- Courteney Cox claims Johnny McDaid broke up with her in therapy

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Courteney Cox talks about Johnny McDaid. (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

Courteney Cox, the American actress and filmmaker, recently revealed that she was blindsided when musician Johnny McDaid ended their relationship during their first joint therapy session, five years ago.

On Wednesday, April 24, the Friends star appeared on the Minnie Questions podcast and said the therapy was originally aimed at trying to improve their relationship. She said:

"It was really intense. We broke up in therapy. I didn’t know it was coming. Whether I should have or not, it was just like we went to this therapist to talk about our boundaries - what we could and couldn't accept about each other. Instead, he just broke up within the first minute. And I was like 'What?'"

Cox, however, also defended Johnny, saying she was thankful because after that split when they got back together, their relationship was different. The pair broke off their engagement in late December 2015, but are still together.

Courteney Cox says she was "shocked" when Johnny McDaid broke up with her

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid were introduced by their mutual friend Ed Sheeran and began dating in September 2013. The pair got engaged less than a year later in 2014. However, they split up in late 2015, three years into their relationship which Cox described as an "intense" incident.

On Wednesday, Courteney Cox spoke with British-American actress Minnie Driver on her podcast, Minnie Questions. The Friends star shared that she was surprised by McDaid breaking up with her during a therapy session. She said:

"We were engaged. And I was so shocked, I was in so much pain, I also don't like surprises! And he's an incredible human being, so he wasn't trying to surprise. He was in that much pain in the relationship. There was that much that needed to be dealt with that he had to protect himself around his heart."

Courteney Cox defended Johnny McDaid, whom she continues to date. The actress went on to explain that after acknowledging the breakup, she focused on personal growth and the importance of self-reflection and resilience.

"So as opposed to like going 'F*ck him', getting in this mode of anger, I leaned in and I did the most work on myself by far. I learned how to reclaim my voice and boundaries, what were my motives in life, like, what was my part in this?"

Courteney Cox celebrated her 10-year relationship with Johnny in September last year on her Instagram. She posted a montage of photos of herself with McDaid set to the first notes of Sheeran's hit song, Shape of You.

After the session in 2015, the pair eventually reconciled, a year later, though they chose to end their engagement. During the podcast, the actress talked about the importance of therapy and how it helped when the pair got back together. She said:

"I'm so thankful for that break-up because when we got back together it was a different relationship, but also because it really taught me how I operated in the world. What were the things from my childhood that I needed? Whether it was to be adored by men. Things that I didn't know how to let go to be in a relationship. To not take things personally. My boundaries, I just went into myself and I had a great therapist."

Courteney Cox was married to Scream co-star David Arquette from 1999 to 2013 and they share a 19-year-old daughter, Coco Arquette. Her long-term friend, actress Jennifer Aniston, was named the godmother of the child after her birth on June 13, 2004.

David then began dating journalist and producer Christina McLarty and they got married in 2015.

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