Melanie Lynskey previews her character's direction in Yellowjackets season 3, filming set to resume

A still from Yellowjackets (Image via Showtime)
A still from Yellowjackets (Image via Showtime)

Yellowjackets became one of the unprecedented critical and commercial hits when it premiered on Showtime in 2021. The show went on to deliver an equally good, if not better, second season, effectively establishing a story that could be the best in the genre in the coming years. Aided by an incredible ensemble cast, it is currently one of the most anticipated shows in the world.

Sadly, fans will have to wait quite a while before seeing what lies ahead in the forest for the Yellowjackets as the survival drama enters its darker phases. The third season was slated for an earlier schedule but was significantly delayed because of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes over the past year.

Now, we know that filming will start in Canada next month. Moreover, Melanie Lynskey, who plays adult Shauna in Yellowjackets, gave a little hint about what to expect from the third season.

While Lynskey did not divulge details, and she kept things limited to her character, she revealed that season 3 would take her character on an even darker path. The Don't Look Up actress recently told Collider:

"I just had a conversation with them like a week ago, with our writers about the course of the season. I mean, I do know, one of them said ‘Things are going to get very dark for Shauna’ and I was like, 'get?!' I don’t— that’s—."

This does come as a shock, as it is quite difficult to imagine how things can go even darker for Shauna, but perhaps that is the road Yellowjackets is taking to surprise and amuse fans.

Why Shauna taking a darker path should be exciting for Yellowjackets season 3

Yellowjackets season 2 was significantly darker than season 1, and this is barring the fact that the first season also seemed quite deranged. While this is the primary appeal of the show, it also relies on shock factors.

As things already turned quite dark for Shauna, both the adult version and the one stuck in the wilderness, it is worth wondering what else can go wrong. The show has also portrayed Shauna as an unlikable character, at least by the time the second season concluded.

If the young Shauna goes down an even darker path, it could explain the trauma that the girls are living with in the present day. The second season already showed her character beating Lottie to a pulp with her bare hands, almost killing her. In the first season, she also became the reason for Jackie's (played by Ella Purnell) death.

So, things going darker for Shauna could mean that things will go darker for all of the Yellowjackets, perhaps both in the present and past timelines. This could mean more shock factors for fans and an adrenaline-filled third season, which will try to outdo the first two.

Where did Yellowjackets season 2 leave fans?

The second season left fans in an extremely dangerous and curious position. In the present timeline, Misty (Christina Ricci) accidentally murdered Natalie (Juliette Lewis) while the adult group was reenacting their wilderness ritual. This left the present timeline in a frenzy with a bare minimum of clarity of what to expect next.

As for the past timelines, the girls ended up in a worse position than ever when Coach Scott (Steven Krueger) burnt their cabin down, leaving them to fend for themselves in the wild.

It seems that Yellowjackets still has a long story to tell, and there would be multiple seasons for the same purpose.

More details about the upcoming third season are expected to arrive soon. Stay tuned.

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