Netflix’s Chromosome 21 ending explained: Was Tomy guilty after all?

Chromosome 21 official poster
Chromosome 21 official poster (via IMDb)

Chromosome 21, Netflix's Chilean crime thriller TV mini-series is certainly a revelation when it comes to gripping, well-rounded content. The show follows the story of Tomy, a young man with Down Syndrome, who gets entangled in a police investigation as one of the suspects in a murder case.

While Tomy is declared innocent in the verdict, the series keeps the audience on edge with thrilling sequences, unexpected plot twists, and engaging character arcs and plots. The show's final episode brought the story to a fascinating and satisfying close.

Was Tomy guilty in the last episode of Chromosome 21?

Tomy in a still from Chromosome 21 (via IMDb)
Tomy in a still from Chromosome 21 (via IMDb)

Tomy was declared innocent by the jury at the trial for the factory worker's murder investigation. The final episode of Chromosome 21 reconstructs the events leading up to the murder, showing how Tomy was kidnapped by the factory worker Orlando Mandujano to act as bait for his brother Bekan.

When Tomy shot Mandujano for fear of his brother's life and in self-defence, the factory owner Zavala (who also orchestrated the scheme) fled the scene, and Bekam was forced to go on the run, leaving Tomy in the factory.

Mariana Enriquez played a huge role in uncovering the story, with her unwavering belief even after the case would be lost and Tomy would go to jail. She gathered evidence about the corrupted cops, the factory owner Zavala, and her investigation partner Bruno, despite her suspension and the loss of her daughter's custody.

After the jury dropped all charges on Tomy and declared his shooting of Mandujano an act of self-defence, the show transitioned into an epilogue where Tomy maintained contact with his girlfriend Cristina, who had been forced to move to Spain. Mariana got back the custody of her daughter, and the two unofficially adopted Tomy as part of their little family. The show ends with Tomy at peace as he enjoys a day at the beach with Mariana and her daughter.

What is Tomy's full story in Chromosome 21?

Tomy and Mariana in Chromosome 21 (via Netflix)
Tomy and Mariana in Chromosome 21 (via Netflix)

Tomy's story starts when he is found with blood and traces of gunpowder on him, the only person present in a factory where a worker, Orlando Mandujano, has been murdered. Mariana Enriquez, the lead investigator on the case, sees his gentle disposition and finds it hard to believe that a person with Down Syndrome would commit a cold-blooded murder unprovoked. The story is about how Tony's innocence is established at the murder trial.

With the evolution of the series, it is evident that Tomy grows out of his fear of the investigation, thanks to Mariana's zeal on his behalf. He finally opens up about the factory owner Zavala's scheme and how he was kidnapped in the process. Tomy also loses his brother Bekan, who is shot by Bruno, one of Mariana's corrupt police force partners who claims he is on her side but works with Zavala to undermine Tomy.

However, the story of the circumstances is recreated in court during the trial with much evidence gathered against Zavala and Mandujano. Chromosome 21 ends with Tomy's innocence, his life going towards a new normal as he manages to keep in touch with his girlfriend, reconnect with his family, and also forge a newfound family with Mariana and her daughter.

How does Chromosome 21 depict Down Syndrome?

A still from Chromosome 21 (via Netflix)
A still from Chromosome 21 (via Netflix)

Chromosome 21, named after the extra gene set in people with Down Syndrome, is a refreshing onscreen representation of the condition. Tomy, the titular character, is a kind and gentle soul according to everyone he interacts with. It is his nature and personality that led investigator Mariana Enriquez to believe that Tomy could not have committed the cold-blooded murder he was accused of.

The show invests a lot of its time in Tomy's characterisation. It gives him his dignity when Mariana fights to give him a fair trial as an adult in control of his choices, behaviour and mental faculties.

The series makes it impossible to circumvent the fact that Tomy is a good friend, brother, and boyfriend, increasing the chances of his innocence and ensuring that the audience supports and empathises with him instead of just having detached pity.

Most importantly, the show's respectful portrayal of a man with Down Syndrome explores how the legal system, enforcement authorities, and society should view people with learning disabilities.

Who are the cast members of Chromosome 21?

Cast members featured in Chromosome 21 (via IMDb)
Cast members featured in Chromosome 21 (via IMDb)

The cast features an ensemble of Chilean actors who have delivered enthralling performances. Some of the top cast and their corresponding characters in the show are listed below:

  • Sebastián Solorza as Tomás Ruiz a.k.a Tomy
  • Valentina Muhr as Mariana Enríquez
  • Gastón Salgado as Guillermo Ruiz a.k.a. Bekan
  • Mario Horton as Bruno Durán
  • Claudia Di Girólamo as Sofia Lombard
  • Alejandro Trejo as Rafael Santoro
  • Luz Jiménez as Rosa Monslave
  • Francisco Ossa as Ricardo Morales
  • Nathalia Aragonese as Patricia Aguayo
  • Diego Boggioni as Detective Caviedes
  • Camila González as Detective Barraza

Audiences can watch Chromosome 21 streaming on Netflix.

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