Netflix's Raising Voices: Full list of cast in the series

The cast of Raising Voices (2024) image via Instagram
The cast of Raising Voices 2024 (image via Netflix España/@netflixes/Instagram)

Raising Voices is a Spanish teen drama television miniseries based on the novel by Miguel Sáez Carral. The series was written by Sáez Carral along with Isa Sánchez. A DLO Producciones production, the miniseries is executively produced by José Manuel Lorenzo and Miguel Sánchez Carral.

The series is directed by Eduard Cortés, David Ulloa, and Marta Font. Eduard Cortés's notable works include Nobody’s Life, Other Days Will Come, Hold-Up!, Winning Streak, At Your Doorstep, Ángel o demonio, Merlí, and Dime Quién Soy: Mistress of War.

David Ulloa is the brother of actor Tristan Ulloa. He has delivered some successful works like Pudor, La Peste, Stolen Away, Acacias 38, Yo Quisiera, and Lifeline. Marta Font has worked in the costume department on projects like Godzilla, War of the Worlds, and The Manchurian Candidate.

Raising Voices follows the story of three high school students, Alma, Greta, and Nata, at Martin Baussen Private School. Their lives take a dramatic turn when Alma is assaulted at a party. Unbeknownst to her, the assailant begins tormenting her with disturbing photos and videos.

The show delves into the impact of this traumatic event on their lives, relationships, and pursuit of justice. The 8-episode miniseries was released on Netflix on May 31, 2024.

The primary cast of Raising Voices

1) Nicole Wallace

Nicole Wallace portrays the role of Alma. Alma is a 17-year-old student whose life takes a dramatic turn when she hangs a banner on the school facade that reads, “Careful: R*pist hiding here.” Her brave act sets off a chain of events that will challenge her friendships, her sense of safety, and her pursuit of justice.

Nicole Alejandra Wallace del Barrio is a Spanish actress, born on March 22, 2002. Her notable works include Skam España and My Fault.

2) Clara Galle

Clara Galle plays the role of Greta. Greta is one of Alma’s close friends. As they navigate the aftermath of Alma’s courageous act, Greta’s loyalty and determination are put to the test. She becomes a crucial pillar of support for Alma.

Clara Huete Sánchez is a Spanish actress known for her lead roles as Raquel in the film trilogy Through My Window (2022) and as Eva Merino in the TV series The Boarding School: Las Cumbres.

3) Aïcha Villaverde

Aïcha Villaverde portrays the character of Nata. Nata is another friend in Alma’s circle. Her journey intertwines with that of Alma and Greta as they grapple with the consequences of exposing the hidden truth. Nata’s resilience and empathy shine through.

Aïcha Villaverde is known for her work in Carraxe (2023).

4) Teresa de Mera

Teresa de Mera appears on the show as Berta. Berta is part of the school community affected by Alma’s banner. Her reactions and interactions reveal the impact of Alma’s revelation on everyone around her.

Teresa de Mera's previous works include the TV series Oil on Canvas and the film Piggy.

5) José Pastor

José Pastor portrays the character of David. David’s presence in the series holds significance. His actions and choices intersect with Alma’s journey, and his character development unfolds as the story progresses.

José Pastor's notable works include Bosé, Oil on Canvas, and Piggy.

6) Gabriel Guevara

Gabriel Guevara plays the role of Alberto. Alberto’s role is intertwined with the central events. His motivations and connections add layers to the narrative, making him a pivotal figure.

Gabriel Guevara’s notable performances include My Fault, Red Flags, HIT, and Skam España.

The additional cast of Raising Voices

Eloy Azorín, Ruth Díaz, and Iván Massagué join the cast of Raising Voices. While specific details about their characters are not explicitly mentioned, they contribute to the cast by portraying individuals who are affected by Alma’s actions.

Eloy Azorín has previously appeared in All About My Mother. Ruth Díaz is known for her work in Too Late for Wrath, while Iván Massagué is known for his role in The Platform.

Daniel de Lorenzo and Sara Rivero also join the cast of Raising Voices. They play essential roles in the series, with their characters’ arcs adding depth and complexity to the overall narrative of the series.

Raising Voices is now available to stream on Netflix.

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