Disney+ announces Inside Out spinoff series as Insider Out 2 movie release approach 

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Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2 (2024) image via Instagram

Inside Out Spinoff is in development by Disney+. The Inside Out Spinoff series will be based on the beloved film, with Mike Jones as the showrunner. Last year, it was announced that Pixar is expanding the Inside Out universe with a spinoff TV series titled Dream Productions.

This animated series is set within the imaginative world of Riley’s dreams. The studio is counting on the success of both, this spinoff series and the sequel film, Inside Out 2. Viewers are eagerly anticipating the sequel, and it is expected to be a huge success for Pixar, with the trailer suggesting it could prove to be the best Pixar film in a decade.

Inside Out 2 is the official sequel to the original film and will feature the mind of newly minted teenager Riley Anderson. Riley’s emotional network will face new challenges as she hits puberty. A crew of new emotions will show up, disrupting the balance Joy has created in Riley’s mind.

Bing Bong, Riley’s imaginary friend from the first film, left a lasting impression. While he won’t be a central character, there might be a subtle nod to him somewhere in the sequel.

What is the Inside Out Spinoff about?

The Inside Out Spinoff series will be featuring Dream Productions. Dream Productions is a movie studio located inside Riley Andersen’s mind in the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out.

It serves as the place where Riley’s dreams are made, akin to a Hollywood studio for her imaginative mind.

The Inside Out Spinoff will provide a detailed visual representation of the studio. Dream Productions is like a Hollywood studio and features a monumental gate which opens onto two soundstages.

On the walls of the studio, there are posters from past dream productions, like titles like “I Can Fly” or “Something is Chasing Me!", which happen to be some common dream scenarios. The studio is primarily operational at night or anytime when Riley is asleep, bringing her dreams to life.

While the rest of the details about the Inside Out spin-off are yet quite scarce, we know that the Inside Out Spinoff will delve deeper into the inner workings of Riley’s mind, similar to the original film.

However, whether the Inside Out Spinoff will focus solely on Riley or introduce other characters remains to be seen.

What do we know about Inside Out 2?

In Inside Out 2, fans can expect to see some new emotions that join the existing ones in Riley's mind. Maya Hawke will be voicing the emotion of Anxiety, who's a jittery, nervous emotion that constantly worries about the future. She’s always on edge, anticipating potential problems and pitfalls.

Her role in Riley’s mind is to keep her safe by making her aware of potential dangers. However, sometimes Anxiety can be a bit overzealous, causing Riley to feel overwhelmed.

Ayo Edebiri will be voicing Envy, a green-eyed monster. Envy always compares Riley’s life to others and makes her feel envious of what she doesn’t have. Her presence is likely to make Riley feel inadequate or dissatisfied, especially because of the constant comparison between her peers and herself.

Paul Walter Hauser will be voicing Embarrassment, a cringe-worthy feeling you get when you’ve done something awkward or made a social blunder. His job is to remind Riley of her social norms and help her learn from her mistakes. But sometimes, he takes it a bit too far, making Riley feel self-conscious.

All these new emotions pose to wreck the balance maintained by the emotions already in Riley's head and will stir up some commotion in her mind.

Inside Out 2 releases on June 14, 2024, in nearby theatres.

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