Palm Royale season 1 episode 9: Release date and time, where to watch, and more

Kristen Wiig as Maxine Simmons in the series Palm Royale (Image via Apple TV)
Kristen Wiig as Maxine Simmons in the series Palm Royale (Image via Apple TV)

The highly anticipated Palm Royale season 1 episode 9 will be airing on May 1, 2024. This penultimate episode, Maxine Makes a Splash, starring Kristen Wiig, is a promising look deeper into the life of the protagonist, Maxine Simmons.

The latest development on the show is that a beached whale has shown up at the location of the Beach Ball event, causing some uncertainty about whether the event will progress. This triggers some deep feelings in Robert, who is struggling with who he is, and Evelyn, who is forced to confront her past as a showgirl and face her fear of losing her wealthy lifestyle.

Palm Royale on Apple TV+ is directed by Tate Taylor, Abe Sylvia, Stephanie Laing, and Claire Scanlon. It's also executive-produced by Abe Sylvia, Laura Dern, Jayme Lemons, among others. The show follows Maxine as she tries to make it big in Palm Beach during the 60s.

Palm Royale season 1 episode 9 release date and timings for all regions


Here is a table with the release date and time for Palm Royale Season 1 Episode 9 in multiple time zones:

Time ZoneRelease DateRelease Time
Pacific Time (PT)May 1, 20249:00 PM
Eastern Time (ET)May 2, 202412:00 AM
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)May 2, 20245:00 AM
Central European Time (CET)May 2, 20246:00 AM
Australian Eastern Time (AET)May 2, 20243:00 PM
Japan Standard Time (JST)May 2, 20242:00 PM
India Standard Time (IST)May 2, 202410:30 AM
Brazil Time (BRT)May 2, 20241:00 AM
Central Time (CT)May 1, 202411:00 PM
Atlantic Time (AT)May 2, 20241:00 AM

Where to watch Palm Royale season 1 episode 9?

A still from the trailer of the show (Image via Apple TV+)
A still from the trailer of the show (Image via Apple TV+)

Palm Royale Season 1 Episode 9 will premiere on May 1, 2024. Apple TV+ is the only place to watch it. A monthly subscription to the platform is available in a single plan for $9.99.

Apple TV+, Apple Music, and other services are bundled into Apple One, with a monthly fee of $19.95.

Palm Royale season 1 episode 8 recap


In the last episode of Palm Royale, titled Maxine Saves the Whale, Maxine Simmons, played by Kristen Wiig, dealt with the consequences of her past actions. The episode explored the symbolic trade of a whale for a minnow, representing the impact of Maxine's choices and the karma she needed to deal with.

As Maxine mingled with the high society crowd in 1969 Palm Beach, she found herself facing some tough moral dilemmas. The episode delved into her character development, showcasing her personal growth and the challenging decisions she had to make.

The show explored how one's actions have consequences, keeping fans hooked to Maxine's story.

What to expect in Palm Royale season 1 episode 9?


In the next episode of Palm Royale Season 1, titled Maxine Makes a Splash, viewers can look forward to seeing Maxine Simmons shake things up in a fun way.

The episode will explore Maxine's attempts to connect the rich and the less privileged in the exclusive social scene of 1969 Palm Beach. We'll also see Evelyn crash at Eddie's place and Doug trying to make a pitch for the Dellacorte.

Plus, Maxine and Robert will come across certain shocking facts that will complicate matters more than ever. The episode is expected to last about 40-50 minutes.

New episodes of Palm Royale drop on Apple TV every Wednesday, and the season finale, Maxine Throws a Party (Episode 10), is set to go arrive on Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

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