What happened to Vanessa Rojas on Chicago P.D.?

Lisseth Chavez as Vanessa Rojas (Image via Instagram / lissethchavez)
Lisseth Chavez as Vanessa Rojas (Image via Instagram / lissethchavez)

Vanessa Rojas' departure from Chicago P.D. remains one of the most intriguing mysteries for fans of the long-running cop drama. Rojas, played by Lisseth Chavez, was introduced to the Intelligence Unit as a dynamic addition in Season 7, episode 2. She offered depth and resilience to the team.

However, her exit in Season 7, Episode 20, Silence of the Night, left fans confused because of the sudden conclusion to her plot.

According to reports, Chavez's departure was not a creative decision, but rather the result of the series' directors' decision not to bring her character back. The COVID-19 pandemic also contributed to the cut short season which left Rojas without a promising closure.

Showrunner Rick Eid acknowledged the challenge of addressing her departure, stating,

"We tried to address it in the premiere, but it felt forced."

Despite this, there remains hope among fans for Rojas' return, as expressed by the other showrunner Gwen Sigan, who stated,

"I would say the door's always open. I loved her. Lisseth was great. I think that I'll never say no to anything. Who knows?"

Vanessa Rojas played by Lisseth Chavez in Chicago P.D.

Vanessa Rojas made her imprint on the Chicago Police Department from the minute she entered the Intelligence Unit. Coming from a difficult upbringing, including growing up in many foster homes, Rojas gave a distinct viewpoint to the squad. Her ingenuity, street smarts, and ability to swiftly adjust to difficult situations made her a vital addition to Detective Sergeant Hank Voight's special unit.

Despite her significance to the series, Rojas's departure left many storylines unresolved. With the creative team opting not to continue her character arc, Rojas exited the show without closure.

This left fans wondering about her future and potential developments within the Intelligence Unit. The lack of a proper send-off compounded the frustration of viewers who had grown attached to Rojas and her journey.

Speculations of Return

Despite Rojas' departure from Chicago P.D., the door remains open for her prospective return. Showrunner Gwen Sigan's encouraging statements suggest that Rojas may return, albeit for a limited cameo. Fans of Chicago P.D. continue to speculate about Rojas' fate and anxiously await any word of her possible comeback to the series.

Additionally, Rojas's previous appearances in Chicago Fire and Chicago Med might make it possible for her character to return to the interconnected Chicago franchise.

The departure of Vanessa Rojas from the Chicago Police Department may have left fans with unanswered questions, but it also offered up new options for Lisseth Chavez. While her leave was quick, the effect of Rojas' character remains with viewers. As the series Chicago P.D. progresses, fans remain optimistic about Rojas' return, leaving the door open for further developments inside the Intelligence Unit.

Lisseth Chavez's new role in Legends of Tomorrow

After leaving Chicago P.D. Lisseth Chavez is now playing the character of Spooner in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Her character Spooner is very different from Rojas. This new opportunity allowed Chavez to expand her acting career, showcasing her flexibility as a performer.

While her exit from the Chicago Police Department saddened fans, her shift to another prominent TV series has decreased the possibility that she may return to the Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. is available on Amazon Prime Video in the US and season 7 onwards on Jio Cinema.

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