Which DC and Marvel superheroes resemble Sister Sage? Details of The Boys season 4 character explored

Sister Sage is one of the most exciting characters in The Boys (Image via Prime Video)
Sister Sage is one of the most exciting characters in The Boys (Image via Prime Video)

The Boys season 4 has already dropped four episodes and has effectively begun what looks like an equally fun run for the series with plenty of interesting characters like Sister Sage (Susan Heyward). The show has also been renewed for a fifth and final season ahead of the season 4 premiere. With the fourth episode out, it is quite clear that Sister Sage plays a huge part in the fourth season of the superhero drama.

The character is depicted as a supe whose only power is supreme intelligence, a trait for which she is recruited by Homelander (Anthony Starr) for the Seven. The smartest person on the planet is surely a fascinating character with fascinating powers.

Of course, most of the supes in The Boys share similarities with superheroes from Marvel and DC. For instance, Homelander is a Superman without his morals, A-Train is the Flash without the inherent heroism, and Queen Maeve is a spitting image of Wonder Woman. Most other supes, including the ones who appeared in minor roles, seem to resemble superheroes from the two big comic brands.

This may make fans wonder which superhero from Marvel or DC resembles Sister Sage. The closest and most accurate answer to this would be DC Comics' Brainiac, a superintelligent cyborg from the planet Colu who aims to collect all knowledge in the known multiverse. His primary superpower is intelligence, much like Sage.

From Marvel, there isn't anyone who exactly matches the bill, but MODOK, who was also part of the MCU in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumnia, comes pretty close as MODOK's primary ability also lies in his intelligence.

How are Brainiac and MODOK similar to Sister Sage from The Boys?

The primary link between Sister Sage, Brainiac, and MODOK is their superior intelligence, which leads them to achieve things greater than their physique would permit. The difference is in their origins.

Brainiac was originally introduced in the DC comics back in 1958 and has seen consistent development since then. Over his tenure in DC, Brainiac became one of the primary antagonists of Superman and the Justice League.

MODOK, on the other hand, appeared much later, in 1967. He was a primary foe of the Marvel superhero Captain America. MODOK has also been involved in several superhero team-ups since then, even appearing opposite Marvel's premiere team, Avengers. MODOK was also depicted in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, but that was an alternate version that was not part of the comic lore.

While Sister Sage is a human who got her powers from Compound V, Brainiac, who closely resembles her powers, is a cyborg from a different planet. MODOK, meanwhile, has an origin story that sits closer to Sage's. MODOK underwent substantial mutagenic medical experimentation to increase his intelligence, which ultimately made his head big and his body stunted.

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Both supervillains from Marvel and DC use their intelligence as their primary tool, much like Sister Sage has since the time of her introduction. Sister Sage's character was introduced in the first episode of The Boys season 4, depicting her as the "smartest person in the world."

This was especially appealing to Homelander as it allowed him to have someone who could stand up and challenge him on crucial decisions, unlike The Deep (Chase Crawford) and A-Train (Jessie T. Usher). However, there were some big developments with Sister Sage in the latest episode of The Boys, which we will keep under wraps for now.

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The first four episodes of The Boys season 4 are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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