Who is Ruby Sunday's mom in Doctor Who? Real identity of the mother, revealed

Faye McKeever stars as Ruby Sunday
Faye McKeever stars as Ruby Sunday's mother(Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)

Doctor Who season finale, "Empire of Death" which aired on Friday, June 21, 2024, cleared all the confusion about Ruby Sunday’s Mother. Episode 8 of the series revealed Ruby Sunday’s Mother to be Louise Miller. The season also ends on a cheerful note for Ruby, who bonds with her mother and is also going to see her biological father soon.

Doctor Who is a sci-fi fantasy series that currently stars Ncuti Gatwa as The Doctor, Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday, Michelle Greenidge, and Susan Twist, among others. Russel T. Davies helms the show with Jane Tranter and Phil Collison. Doctor Who's newest season aired its first episode on December 25, 2023. The show holds an IMDb rating of 6.1/10. The official synopsis of the series reads as:

"The Time Lord known as the Doctor travels through space and time with his companions, having incredible adventures and facing dangerous enemies."

Who is Ruby Sunday's mother in the Doctor Who finale?

Everyone had clouded thoughts regarding Ruby’s mother on the show and many had high expectations, thinking Ruby’s mother would be someone extraordinary or would be from someone who we have already seen on the show.

But in the season finale, Louise Alison Miller, a nurse by profession, was shown as Ruby’s mother. British actress Faye McKeever plays Louise Alison Miller.

Faye McKeever is a 39-year-old actress from Manchester, United Kingdom, who has previously starred in shows and movies like Little Boy Blue (2017), The Moorside (2017), Broken (2017), and more.


In the show, as per the recent revelations, when Louis’s mother was just 15 years old, she left Ruby at a church as she thought the church could raise her better than her toxic and torturous father.

In the season finale, Ruby not only meets her mother but also bonds with her, while they share a moment inside a coffee soon, holding each other's hands and reminiscing.

Who is Ruby Sunday's neighbor?

Ruby’s neighbor is Mrs. Flood, played by Anita Dobson. Anita is an English singer and actress who has previously starred in movies and shows like The Long Call (2021), The Rebel (2016-2017), The Stretch (2000), and more.

Mrs. Flood first appeared in the episode "The Church on Ruby Road," which premiered on December 25, 2023, as a Christmas special. The same episode also introduced the viewers to Ruby’s family, which included her non-biological mother, Carla.

Who stars in Doctor Who?

Ncuti Gutwa stars as The Doctor, a time traveler, who travels across space and time. Gutwa has previously starred in movies and shows like Masters of the Air (2024), Barbie (2023), Black and Scottish (2019-present), and more.

He came into the spotlight when he helmed the role of Eric in Laurie Nunn’s teen drama S*x Education on Netflix. Eric is the protagonist Otis Milburn's (played by Asa Butterfield) best friend.

Apart from Ncuti, the show also stars Mille Gibson as Ruby Sunday, Angela Wynter as Cherry Sunday, Michelle Greenidge as Carla Sunday, and Anita Dobson as Mrs. Flood, among many others.

Doctor Who was renewed for another season and, as per the showrunners, filming for the new season has wrapped up. Episode 1 of the next season "Joy to the World" will premiere on December 25, 2024.

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