Will there be Tires season 2 on Netflix? Possibility explored

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Shane Gillis's Tires is renewed for a second season (Image via Netflix)

Tires season 2 is confirmed, as per Netflix Tudum, bringing back Shane Gillis and Netflix's partnership for another season. As such, the first season of Shane Gillis comedy series, Tires, premiered on Netflix on May 23, 2024. The new series covers comedian Shane's gigs in six episodes, which dropped simultaneously.

As per Netflix Tudum, Tires season 2 was renewed ahead of the premiere of the debut season. Gillis was seen earlier in his packed-house performances in May's Netflix Is a Joke Fest. Gillis is the executive producer, co-creator and performer in the series currently streaming on Netflix.

While Shane Gillis has collaborated with Netflix before with his 2023 comedy special titled, Beautiful Dogs, he's also slated for another stand-up special on the streaming platform in 2025.

Tires season 2 was renewed before the premiere of the first season

Tires season 2 will arrive in 2025 (Image via Netflix)
Tires season 2 will arrive in 2025 (Image via Netflix)

Netflix has already renewed Shane Gillis comedy series Tires for a second run.

Just like the first season, Tires season 2 is expected to star Gillis presenting his gigs. However, whether it will continue to have a similar script is as yet undisclosed.

The renewed season of Tires is expected to arrive on the platform in 2025. For Gillis, the renewal for Tires season 2 comes in a package deal that includes another stand-up comedy special, also set to land on Netflix in 2025.

Gillis' previous collaboration with Netflix, Beautiful Dogs, stayed in the US Top 10 list for two weeks after its release in 2023. It also enjoyed being part of the top 10 in five countries.

What is Netflix's Tires about?

The first season has six episodes (Image via Netflix)
The first season has six episodes (Image via Netflix)

Tires is a six-episode comedy show on Netflix starring comedian Shane Gillis.

The scripted show has a different format than Gillis' stand-up comedy gigs. The show follows Will, played by Steven Gerben, who is the heir to an auto repair shop. He employs his cousin, Shane, played by Shane Gillis.

While Will tries to turn his father's business profitable, Shane is a roadblock who gives him trouble. The series presents both situational comedy and jokes to fit into the plot.

Besides Shane Gillis and Steven Gerben, the cast of Tires season 1 includes Kilah Fox, Stavros Halkias and Chris O'Connor. Andrew Schulz makes guest appearances.

The show offers situational comedy besides scripted jokes (Image via Netflix)
The show offers situational comedy besides scripted jokes (Image via Netflix)

As mentioned before, Gillis is the co-creator and executive producer of the series. Alongside him, Gerben and McKeever are also co-creators, co-writers and co-executive producers. Becky Astphan has also joined in as an executive producer.

Besides Gillis and McKeever's company, Dad Sick Productions, the other production companies involved with the series are Rough House, and AGI Entertainment Media & Management.

What can be expected from Tires season 2?


As with the first season, the second season will also star Gillis. While the plot may differ, it's likely to continue with the format of a scripted episodic series. Also, Gillis and McKeever's Dad Sick Production company will likely be part of the production team.

While Gillis will return in season 2 of the series, whether Gerben and the rest of the cast will continue remains to be seen.

Look out for Tires season 2 slated to arrive on Netflix in 2025 besides Shane Gillis' comedy special show. Meanwhile, Tires season 1 is available for streaming on the platform.

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