Will there be Will Trent season 3? Renewal details explored

Will there be Will Trent season 3? Renewal details explored
Will Trent posters (Image via IMDb)

Will Trent season 3 has become a hot topic as the viewers are eagerly awaiting its return. Daniel T. Thomsen, Karin Slaughter, and Liz Heldens created the ABC crime drama series, which follows Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Will Trent, who has a harrowing past.

Will's narrative shows him growing up in several abusive foster homes after being abandoned as a newborn and exploring the intricately linked trauma. But as the season 2 finale is out, the destiny of season 3 is getting a bit more interesting.

Although the exact release date is unknown, the good news is that season 3 has been confirmed by ABC. With 18 episodes in total the show will be released, offering a continuous experience.

Viewers can expect the Will Trent season 3 in the fall of 2024 or possibly by early 2025, as speculated previously. However, the wait may feel excruciating, especially after season 2 finale.

All about Will Trent season 3 renewal

Ramón Rodríguez as Will Trent (Image via IMDb)
Ramón Rodríguez as Will Trent (Image via IMDb)

Will Trent season 3 was officially renewed by ABC in April 2024, much to the relief of the viewers. They were excited for the next chapter after the season 2 finale, which is expected to disclose more about Will's traumatic history.

In Season 2 of Will Trent, the series delves deeper into the complexities of the main characters' relationships and the dark themes of crime and justice. Will Trent's professional and personal life intertwine as he grapples with his feelings for Angie while handling challenging cases.

The season's arc reveals Angie's involvement in tampering with evidence and making false statements, which indirectly lead to Crystal's murderous spree.

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As the investigation unfolds, it becomes clear that Crystal, driven by her own traumas, is the true serial killer targeting assault offenders. The climax of the season sees a tragic end with Crystal accidentally dying while fleeing.

In a heartbreaking turn, Will, torn between duty and personal feelings, arrests Angie for her actions, leaving no happy resolution for either of them.

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Expected Release date

The Will Trent season 3 aligns with ABC’s strategy to provide a continuous viewing experience, with all 18 episodes airing back to back. While the exact premiere date is yet to be confirmed, it is likely to debut during the fall of 2024 or by 2025.

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Recurring Cast members

The main cast, including Ramón Rodríguez (Will Trent), Erika Christensen, Iantha Richardson, Sonja Sohn, and Jake McLaughlin, is expected to return. However, the events of the season 2 finale could introduce significant changes.

Still of Will Trent (Image via IMDb)
Still of Will Trent (Image via IMDb)

Will's trauma and the season 2 finale

In episode 8, Will uncovered a repressed memory involving his foster parents, Anna and Jack. This memory, where Will shot Jack in self-defense but ultimately led to Anna’s death, adds another layer to his complex character. Episode 10 continued this exploration, tying in with a serial killer case that has personal significance for Will.

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This ending has definitely heightened anticipation, making the wait for Will Trent season 3 even more intense. The cliffhanger leaves Will and Angie's relationship status in the open. Making viewers wonder, what to expect next.

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What to Expect in Will Trent Season 3?

In Will Trent season 3, viewers can expect to see the continuation of Will's journey as he grapples with his past and navigates new challenges. The season will likely delve deeper into his relationship with Angie and how they both deal with their shared and individual traumas, over the course of 18 episodes.

There could be a possible exploration of Amanda's relationships and new developments for other characters.

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