5 Most expensive Air Jordan 1 sneakers of all time  

5 Most expensive Air Jordan 1 sneaker of all time
5 Most expensive Air Jordan 1 sneakers of all time (Image via Farfetch/ eBay/Sothebys)

Air Jordan 1 sneakers hold a significant place in the sneaker world. The shoe, originally released in 1985, introduced a new chapter in the footwear realm. The collaboration with the basketball legend Micheal Jordan and the banning of the shoe created a buzz in contemporary times.

Since then, the shoe line has collaborated with various other celebrities and brands, making it one of the coveted shoes for sneakerheads. However, a few rare pieces have been sold at high prices. Some of them are listed below.

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Some of the expensive Air Jordan 1 sneakers

The Sportskeeda team has cherry-picked some of the best AJ1 sneakers that have been sold at high prices and they are:

  • Air Jordan 1 "Solid Silver"
  • Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard Factory Flaw"
  • Dior x Air Jordan 1 " Friends and Family"
  • Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Colette Au Revoir
  • Nike Air Jordan 1 OG High Chicago

1) AJ1 "Solid Silver"

The AJ 1 "Solid Silver" comes under the expensive Air Jordan 1 sneakers, which were released in 1995. In this year, Juanita, wife of basketball legend Micheal Jordan, gifted him the shoe on his 32nd birthday at his restaurant in Chicago.

The shoe was designed by Howard Kaplan who was the owner of Henry Kay Jewelers, and was introduced in only ten pairs. The infusion of sterling silver and stitches embarks on the authentic craftsmanship of the sneakers, crafted in the hollow cast method.

This 10-pound shoe is not a wearable one but it became one of the important and memorable Jordan shoes.

AJ1 "Solid Silver" (Image via Hindman's Auction)
AJ1 "Solid Silver" (Image via Hindman's Auction)

The first two pairs were given to the legend while one pair from the rest of the collection was sold in 2011 for $60,000. One can place bids at the Hindman auction to purchase the sneakers.

2) AJ1 "Shattered Backboard Factory Flaw"

Jordan has been the trendsetter in the footwear realm, and the brand knows how to stay in the game. A few years back, a customer named Andrea Canziani received the " Shattered Backboard" sneaker with a flaw.

In the sneaker, the swoosh logo was wrongly etched. It was placed upside down and the brand immediately replaced the shoe. However, later this shoe was priced 900 times higher than its original price.

In 2018, the shoe was sold at a price tag of USD 146,000.

3) Dior x AJ1 "Friends and Family"

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Jordan brand, it collaborated with the luxury fashion label in 2020. The sneaker became another expensive AJ 1 shoe, with the artistic flairs of Kim Jones.

The combination of the grey color with white created a luxurious appeal to the sneaker, while the powder blue outsole and the cream-tinted collar added a touch of sophistication.

The most notable flairs of the sneaker was the Dior monogram on the swoosh in jacquard fabric, designed in black. The sneaker incorporated the favorite color palette of Christian Dior and the 'Friends and Family' edition became a rare version of the sneaker, sold at a price of $15,000.

4) Nike AJ1 Retro High Colette Au Revoir

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Colette Au Revoir (Image via eBay)
Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High Colette Au Revoir (Image via eBay)

In 2017, Sarah Andelman, the owner of Colette, collaborated with the Jumpman brand. During the closing of the Parisian fashion label, Colette decided to gift its employees with Jordan shoes, making them one of the rarest Jordan sneakers.

Incorporating the brand color of the French fashion label, the shoe was dressed in blue and white. The debut and the closing years — 1997 and 2017 were etched at the ankle. The two dots on the heel tab displayed the branding.

On the other hand, the 'Au Revoir' and ' Bonjour' word marks on the transparent sole, marking the brand's complete journey. As a rarest piece, the shoe was sold for $20,000, making it one of the most expensive AJ 1 shoes.

5) Nike AJ1 OG High Chicago

The Nike AJ 1 OG High Chicago sneaker carries a rich history of the Jordan brand. It not only propelled a signature shoe lineup for the legend but also introduced the concept of collaboration with the players.

Nike Air Jordan 1 OG High Chicago ( Image via eBay)
Nike Air Jordan 1 OG High Chicago ( Image via eBay)

Dressed in red and white, the Chicago colorway was introduced in 1985 with a high-top profile. This vintage sneaker was designed by Peter Moore, making it one of the most expensive Air Jordan 1 sneakers. The OG pair was sold by eBay with a price tag of $32,000.

Apart from these sneakers, AJ1 " Shinedown" and the Jordans 1 High OG Dave White "Wings For The Future" are some of the expensive Air Jordan shoes, which were sold for more than $14,000.

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