Doctor trolls JiDion for his weight after streamer went in for a hairline surgery

The streamer underwent a hair transplant surgery. (Image via Instagram/@jidion_)
The streamer underwent a hair transplant surgery (Image via Instagram/@jidion_)

American YouTuber and streamer Jidon Armani Adams aka JiDion recently underwent a hairline surgery. However, the streamer, who is well known for his prank videos and controversial takes, was seemingly pranked by his doctor himself, who made a comment about the creator needing a “liposuction.”

In the video posted on May 30, JiDion could be seen lying on a hospital bed, dressed in a hospital gown. The doctor then entered and noted the streamer’s height and weight.

“Height 6 foot, weight, god!”

The streamer then interrupts, saying that the weight written is a typo. He says:

“This here is a typo, I am actually like, 215.”

The doctor proceeded to turn towards the camera and showed the audience the weight that had been written down: 275 lb. He then made a snarky comment about the streamer being here for “lipo surgery”, not a hair transplant.

Jidon, seemingly amused at the comment, said:

“Oho, we got a comedian over here. What are you doing in your free time?”

JiDion also showed off his brand-new dreads

In a TikTok video posted shortly after the one mentioned above, the streamer showed off his brand-new hair transplant and dreadlocks. Starting with his pre-surgery look, the video transitions into the streamer headbanging, with a head full of new dreads, with the song “Shake your dreads” playing in the background.

He also displayed his new look in an Instagram post.

Incidentally, this is not the first time the streamer has been in the news for hair-related surgery. Last year in May, the streamer had video called the rapper ASAP Rocky to show off a “hair transplant” and get the rapper’s reaction. However, it was soon revealed that the “transplant” was actually a wig that some of his friends had applied to his head.

ASAP seemingly fell for the prank, saying:

"Yo bro, your sh*t looking silky right now bro. Bro, what happened, bro? They gave you a silky trim."

JiDion had also called fellow streamer Imane “Pokimane,” who caught on to the “transplant” being fake instantly.

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