"Going to Arsenal" - IShowSpeed doubles down on his bold prediction of Kylian Mbappe's future club

IShowSpeed claims that Kylian Mbappe is going to Arsenal (Image via X/SpeedyHQ and Instagram/Kylian Mbappe)
IShowSpeed claims that Kylian Mbappe is going to Arsenal (Image via X/SpeedyHQ and Instagram/Kylian Mbappe)

It's no secret that YouTube streamer Darren "IShowSpeed" has had a history with several prominent footballers. The streamer has been quite a popular face within the footballing community as well. Now, however, Darren also appears to be stepping into the world of football transfer gurus after he made a rather bold prediction about Kylian Mbappe's future:

"Mbappe's going to Arsenal. He's going to Arsenal. That's all I have to say. Mbappe's going to Arsenal."

He even made a second prediction. This time, it involved current Manchester City player Erling Haaland:

"This is another close one but (Erling) Haaland is going to (Real) Madrid. Don't ask me how I know. But just know that I know a lot of football people. Haaland is going to Madrid and Mbappe is going to Arsenal and I mean dead a**."

For those wondering, this isn't even the first time that the streamer has said something along these lines. During a stream on May 10, 2024, he claimed Mbappe was not going to Real Madrid:

"He is not going to Madrid. You didn't hear from me though. That's all I can say, but he is not going to Madrid and I'm not even trolling, bro. Y'all will see."

What did transfer guru Fabrizio Romano say about IShowSpeed's predictions?

Fabrizio Romano, one of the most popular football journalists and the originator of the famous catchphrase "Here we go!" was recently questioned about his views on YouTube streamer IShowSpeed's comments regarding Kylian Mbappe. One of the hosts said:

"IShowSpeed is saying that he is going to Arsenal."

To this, Fabrizio promptly replied:

"I respect Speed (IShowSpeed) and all the Arsenal fans, but trust me, Kylian Mbappe never even wanted to negotiate with an English club. He didn't want to seek to negotiate or any proposal stuff from English clubs because he wanted to respect Real Madrid."

He added:

"He already did something to Real Madrid in the summer of 2022 when they were expecting him to join the club and, at the end, he decided in a couple of days to stay in Paris Saint-Germain. It was shocking for Real Madrid. In that moment, he told that his next move is going to be Real Madrid."

While IShowSpeed may not be the most accurate when it comes to predicting footballing transfers, he is certainly a vocal fan of the sport. The streamer has already revealed that he will be traveling to the UEFA Champions League Final (June 2) and the FA Cup Final (May 25).

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