"I'm fired" - Twitch streamer Zizaran responds as platform reportedly terminates its entire Safety Advisor Council

Zizaran reveals being laid off from Twitch (Image via Zizaran.com and X/Zach Bussey)
Zizaran reveals being laid off from Twitch (Image via Zizaran.com || X/Zach Bussey)

Twitch streamer Kjetil "Zizaran" took to the popular live-streaming subreddit r/LivestreamFail to reveal that he has been let go from Twitch after reports were indicated that the Amazon-owned company had terminated all members of its Safety Advisory Council. This news first came after CNBC reported it. The news outlet wrote:

"Twitch on Friday will end the contracts for all members of its Safety Advisory Council, a resource made up of industry experts, streamers and moderators, who consult on trust and safety issues."

This was subsequently shared on the subreddit. The post received numerous comments including one from Paths of Exile streamer Zizaran. He wrote:

"I'm fired."
Zizaran reveals being "fired" (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Zizaran reveals being "fired" (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

What is Twitch's Safety Advisory Council and why is it being terminated?

Twitch established the Safety Advisory Council back in May 2020. This board comprises experts, streamers, and moderators who aren't necessarily all company employees. Their primary role was to provide suggestions on trust and safety issues related to children on the platform, nudity, banned users, and more.

However, it appears the council is coming to an end. According to a report by CNBC, the council members were asked to join a meeting on May 6, 2024, where they were informed that May 31 would be their last working day. Additionally, they were told they would not receive payment for the latter half of the year.

The streaming platform to terminate their Safety Advisor Council (Image via X)
The streaming platform to terminate their Safety Advisor Council (Image via X)

While the exact reasons were not disclosed, reports suggest the decision likely relates to ongoing safety issues, including higher rates of adolescent self-harm and misinformation due to the rise of AI.

However, this doesn't mean it's the end of the entire council. While the existing nine members were laid off, a spokesperson for the company suggested a new council has been formed. This new council includes over 180 streamers in its ambassador program to provide fresh ideas.

While Twitch has maintained its stance to provide a safer platform, there have been past instances where content has crossed the line. For instance, back in January 2023, a streamer named Brandon "Atrioc" was seen inadvertently sharing some AI-generated pornography of some women streamers.

This incident might not be directly linked to the ongoing news of the sacking of the Safety Advisor Council, but it does underscore a need for more exacting safety regulations.

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