“I’m pissed”- Desi Banks reacts to Complex naming Druski the #1 funniest person on the internet

Desi Banks (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for boohooMAN)
Desi Banks (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for boohooMAN)

Desi Banks reacted to Complex naming Druski the #1 funniest person on the internet. Under Complex's post announcing Druski's top ranking, Desi Banks commented,

"I guess I ain’t shit cool yep I’m pissed but I’m gone keep grinding."

Druski is known for his relatable skits and hit web series Coulda Been House. He has made significant strides in the last four years. His viral Instagram live videos under Coulda Been Records have earned him a dedicated fan base and led to endorsement deals, commercials, and music video appearances. As Kameron Hay noted,

"When discussing the funniest people on the internet, the conversation starts and finishes with him."

Desi Banks, ranked 8th on Complex's list, was one of the pioneers of skits and sketches on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). Desi Banks has transformed his substantial online following into a successful career as a stand-up comedian, touring across the country.

Despite becoming more famous and successful, he continues to consistently produce viral skits. His “white air forces” vs. “black air forces” gimmick remains popular, showcasing his versatility and ability to get into character for any role. Kameron Hay also remarked,

"Desi still remains one of the funniest people on the internet."

Mixed reactions to Desi Banks' response to Druski's top-ranking

Desi Banks' reaction to Complex naming Druski the #1 funniest person on the internet sparked a wave of responses from fans and fellow social media users. The reactions ranged from criticism to confusion, with many questioning Banks' perspective and motives.

Samad Savage (@samadsavage) commented, highlighting skepticism about the impact of Banks' recent content,

"He thought the diddy skit was gon get him up there?"

Meanwhile, another user, Happy Pride (@missed_3pointer), expressed disappointment with Banks's public reaction,

"Desi embarrassed himself fr with this,"

Kenny Jones (@relientkenny) seemed perplexed by Banks's frustration, asking,

"what’s he crying about he’s literally #8,"

while Gabe (@yung_og3) offered a more balanced view, stating,

"Druski just has more range they both well."

Some reactions pointed to Banks's humor itself. A user named "I’m named after El Debarge" (@hydrothemc) noted,

"Comment ain’t even funny. He’s proving their point LMAO," suggesting that Banks's response did not help his case.

Kashjourné (@spicychardonnay) offered a critique of Banks' comedic style, stating,

"the difference is druski embodies his roles and makes it more believable… desi’s roles give caricature which ultimately makes it corny after a while."

The landscape of comedy has transformed with the advent of technology and social media. Today, laughter is delivered through various formats, including social media skits, streaming, YouTube videos, and podcasts.

Content creators like Druski and Mark Phillips have leveraged social media to build their brands. Others, like Kai Cenat and Fanum, have found success through streaming platforms. This evolution isn't limited to the younger generation; established figures like Cam'ron and Mase, and Gillie and Wallo have also carved out a niche in podcasting.

Complex's staff curated the list of the funniest people on the internet by evaluating their content's reach, popularity, and social media engagement. They excluded traditional stand-up comedians and legends such as Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, and Dave Chappelle, focusing instead on those excelling in the digital space.

Theo Von was an exception due to the consistent virality of his podcast on social media. The list considered recent performance as well as longevity and overall résumé, inviting debate and discussion on the rankings.

In conclusion, the reactions of the public to Desi Banks’s statement demonstrate the dynamics of social media presence and the relativity of comedy. While some of the fans accused Banks of being bitter some of them applauded him for the efforts he made in the development of internet comedy.

It represents the challenges digital entertainment brings to the table, strategic competition, and the tendency of content creators to entertain consumers with something new and exciting. However, given his love for his craft and his ability to crank out hit material, Banks will continue to stay relevant in the ever-increasingly crowded world of online comedians.

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Edited by Gayatri Chivukula
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