IShowSpeed gets hounded by Manchester City fans after Manchester United’s FA Cup win

Darren was surrounded by Man City fans after the FA Cup final match (Image via IShowSpeed/YouTube)
Darren was surrounded by Man City fans after the FA Cup final match (Image via IShowSpeed/YouTube)

YouTube star Darren "IShowSpeed" met with a rather displeased crowd while trying to leave Wembley Stadium after Manchester City lost the match against Manchester United. Darren was supporting the latter while attending the match with his South Korean friend, Amy Flamy.

Exiting the establishment in a car, many Man City fans could be seen knocking on the car window and shouting at the creator. This behavior by the fans seemed to enrage the creator greatly, who stated:

"Get the- bro, stop banging on my f**king door. What is wrong with these City Fans?""

"These City fans piss me off": IShowSpeed angry with Man City fans after Man United wins FA Cup final

Darren and South Korean influencer Amy Flamy have been collaborating together throughout the creator's tour of South Korea, going on multiple dates together in the process. The pair, touted by netizens as the "ideal couple," have continued their journey in London at Wembley Stadium, where they came together to watch the FA Cup final match.

This match was held between Manchester City and Manchester United, and the latter emerged victorious with a one-goal lead over their rivals.

The pair were donning Manchester United jerseys and cheering for the football club during their time in the stadium. While exiting, many fans of the opposing team surrounded his car and started hitting the windows while hollering outside the vehicle. Annoyed by the situation, IShowSpeed stated:

"Bro, these City fans piss me off, bro. Jesus! The f**k is wrong with these f**kers. Man United better! Sui! Ronaldo better, bro! Fix your f**king teeth, bro! Stop banging on my door! Stop banging on my door, bro. These pieces of sh**, bro. These f**king City fans, bro, they just piss me off, bro."

While the pair were celebrating the second goal made by Manchester United during the match, IShowSpeed took the opportunity to ask Amy Flamy for a kiss. However, much to Darren's dissatisfaction, Amy could not hear the creator's requests due to the loud crowd in the stadium.

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