Who is Amy on IShowSpeed's stream? YouTuber to go on London date with influencer

Amy and Speed met in South Korea. (Image via Instagram/@_amy.h)
Amy and Speed met in South Korea. (Image via Instagram/@_amy.h)

In the latest update for his fans, popular YouTube streamer Darren “IShowSpeed '' has announced the live stream date of his much-anticipated date with his South Korean “girlfriend”, Amy Flamy. The Youtuber, who was recently on a tour of South Korea, met Amy while on the trip, and the duo went on several dates, with Speed’s huge fan base labeling them an ideal couple.

Amy Flamy is a popular South Korean influencer who enjoys a following of 883.4K on TikTok. She recently sparked the “cold Korean fruit bowl” trend on TikTok after her video on hwachae, a traditional Korean chilled fruit-and-milk dish, amassed 10.2 million views. Amy is known for trying out new trends, be it in the realm of food, fashion, or makeup.

Following her date with IShowSpeed, she shared two videos on May 19, 2024, speaking about her experience with the YouTuber. Amy started the first part of the “Get Unready With Me” video by saying:

“Who was that Korean girl who IShowSpeed took out on a date for a day? Oh yeah, what’s her name, Amy? Yeah, that’s me!”

She mentioned how she had a great time, and spoke about how she was in awe of his fame and the cost at which it came.

IShowSpeed and Amy are reportedly all set to enjoy the FA Cup final in London

While IShowSpeed may have left South Korea, it seems that their relationship is far from over. On May 22, Speed announced that Amy will be joining him while he streams the FA Cup final, which is scheduled to take place at London's Wembley Stadium on May 25, 2024.

On May 24, he confirmed the news by dropping another update, announcing the “SPEEDY X AMY LONDON DATE”. Many fans have expressed excitement for the live, promising to stay tuned.

While Amy has not mentioned anything about the upcoming date, she posted a story of herself enjoying a plane ride to a mystery destination, which several people have assumed to be London.

This is not the first time IShowSpeed’s romantic life has come under public scrutiny. The YouTuber has live-streamed his dates several times for his followers. He had introduced his ex-girlfriend, Ermony Renee, to his followers back in 2021 during a live stream. However, the couple called it quits shortly after. In 2023, he had a short-lived romance with his "crush" and fellow YouTuber Aaliyah Wasko. After their split, Wasko claimed that they were "never together", and it was all for content.

Meanwhile, Speed’s time in the Korean peninsula was not without its fair share of scandals. The YouTuber shocked many by performing CR7’s trademark move “Siuuu” at the North Korean border. He also reportedly had a run-in with the police and had some of his streaming gear confiscated.

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