Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds freaks out as a woman almost drowns after being offered $20 to jump into water

Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds freaks out as a woman allegedly almost drowns on stream
Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds freaks out as a woman almost drowns on stream (Image via Nataliereynolds/Kick)

On May 30, 2024, Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds garnered attention on social media after she dared a woman to jump into a waterbody. The content creator participated in controversial internet personality Paul "Ice Poseidon's" ongoing "Scavenger Hunt" event. At one point, Natalie Reynolds met a woman and offered her $20 to jump into the water and assist her in finding an RFID scanner.

The Kick streamer said:

"Do you know where the RFID scanner is? Because I'm trying to find this RFID scanner and I have to kayak. Ice Poseidon told me you swim in the water. You should jump in the water right now and should start swimming to find it. Would you do that? You just jump in the water to find it for me. I'll give you 20 bucks. Yeah, that's a good deal."

A few moments later, the woman jumped into the waterbody, leaving Natalie Reynolds shocked. The 25-year-old was then told to leave the premises. Commenting on the situation, she said:

"You said you wanted to swim! (The woman responds, 'You told me to jump in.') I didn't tell you to jump in. Wait, who is that? The f**k is going on? What was that? I'm not sure at all. I thought she was working here or something. Oh, s**t! Who the f**k was that?"

After Natalie Reynolds got back together with her streamer friends, fellow content creator Adrian "SweaterGXD" claimed the woman was "floating away." Reynolds began freaking out and apologized for daring the woman to jump into the water.

She said:

"I don't know what's happening! She said she's stuck. Why is she here in the first place? (The woman shouts 'I can't swim.') No, stop! Seriously! You're actually freaking me out. Please! She is floating! She is saying she's trying. We're leaving. Dude, sorry! I didn't know! She said she's drowning. She said she's drowning!"

Explaining why she wasn't able to help the woman, Natalie Reynolds stated:

"Dude, I can't help her! They told me to leave. They told me I can't film. Wait, is that actually really bad? She wanted to jump in! She wanted to skinny-dip with me. She wanted me to get naked. If she's really that mentally ill, she shouldn't be by the water in the first place! I didn't know."

Recalling other controversies surrounding Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds

Readers can access the Kick streamer's VOD by clicking here (Timestamp: 00:32:20)

This is not the first time Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds has made headlines for controversial reasons. Last year, on December 22, 2023, she leveled serious allegations against Jack Doherty, accusing him of "grooming" a woman.

A few days later (on December 27, 2023), Reynolds hosted an IRL broadcast from a gym by wearing body paint. Her actions resulted in widespread backlash from netizens on X. In response to the criticism, the content creator stated that what she wore to the gym was "nothing bad at all."

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