Kick streamer Xenathewitch falls off a moving car during Ice Poseidon's scavenger hunt stream

Xenathewitch falls off a car on Kick stream (Imave via DramaAlert, Xenathewitch/X)
Xenathewitch falls off a car on Kick stream (Imave via DramaAlert, Xenathewitch/X)

A clip featuring Kick star Xenathewitch, aka Xena, falling off of a moving car during the recent Ice Poseidon scavenger hunt is going viral on social media. Xenathewitch is known for being a contentious personality on the platform and received quite a lot of backlash for assaulting fellow streamer HeelMike back in January.

IRL streamer Ice Poseidon hosted a Scavenger Hunt on May 28, 2024, featuring numerous Kick stars as participants. As the host, he was watching the participants' streams from his home. This was when he saw Xenathewitch falling off a stranger's car after being dragged by the other content creators.

After she fell off the vehicle, Ice Poseidon can be heard saying:

"Oh this guy's going to die, oh my god! (laughing) holy sh*t. Bro, what is Xena doing? Alright, I am going to tweet out the clue now. That was hilarious!"

Xenathewitch swears at fellow Kick streamers for making her fall off a stranger's car

As mentioned, on May 28, 2024, a bunch of Kick stars took part in a scavenger hunt organized by Ice Poseidon, who is arguably one of the most popular IRL streamers on the platform.

In the clip of the scavenger hunt, several content creators could be seen crowding an intersection, as Xenathewitch was lying on top of a car that appeared to be moving. The internet personality recently ruffled a lot of feathers online after seemingly throwing away her Uber driver's phone on stream.

In the pandemonium, Xenathewitch could be seen hanging on to the top of the car before her fellow participants tugged on her legs, causing her to fall off. When she got up, the streamer tore into everyone present for taking her off of the car. She shouted:

"Why the f*ck would you do that? You are literally dumb as f*ck! All of you don't deserve sh*t!"

The Kick personality then went on to justify her decision to get on top of the car:

"Why the f*ck would you pull me off the car? Do you think the ni**a is really going to drive with me and get a f*cking felony charge? So guess what? He would have been arrested, I already had the cops on the phone! I know what I am doing. Y'all ni**as are just re*arded."

Xena, who is also incidentally a former girlfriend of contentious Rumble streamer Sneako, stormed out of frame after making those comments, and the scavenger hunt continued.

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