Twitch streamer Dantes announces breakup with Laurinchhhe

Dantes has announced his breakup with Laura in a post on X (Image via doaenel/X)
Dantes has announced his breakup with Laura in a post on X (Image via X/doaenel)

On June 19, 2024,Twitch creator Dantes "Doaenel" announced the end of his relationship with fellow streamer Laura "Laurinchhhe" on X. The two began dating in October 2023, and Dantes had since shared many snippets of his life with Laura on social media. Fans got a glimpse into their dates, the gifts he got for her, and the funny moments they shared.

Doaenel's post details the reasons behind the couple breaking up. He laid particular emphasis on him being "not ready" for the relationship. He stated:

"While I could sit here and try for hours to explain the reason why, it all comes down to one simple truth; I’m not ready for a relationship. From the get go, I told her that my career would be my first priority."

Dantes also stated that while Laura would "compromise" her career and daily life for him, he was "unwilling and unable" to do the same for her. This eventually caused him to call it quits:

"The problem is, however, that relationships are about compromise. Seeing her taking steps back in her own life and career in order to support me, while I was unwilling and unable to do the same for her is just something that, over time, took it’s toll on me mentally."

"I’m eternally grateful for the time and love": Dantes announces split with Laurinchhh

Popular League of Legends streamer Doaenel and Laura have called it quits after being in a relationship for nearly eight months. The streamer's announcement has gathered over 2.9 million views on X, with many netizens extending their sympathy.

Dantes noted that his shortcomings as a partner ultimately led to him ending things with Laura. Citing his career as his utmost priority, the Canadian streamer stated that he felt he was unable and unwilling to contribute to the "very foundation" of a relationship — compromise:

"I just came to the realization that the very foundation of what relationships are wasn’t something that I was able/willing to do, and as a result made the decision to end things."

Dantes asked his fanbase to show love and support towards Laura. He also stated that he was grateful for her being "understanding" and putting effort into the relationship:

"I’m eternally grateful for the time and love that we shared... Going forward, I only ask that you show her nothing but support since she was always the one who gave her all with understanding me and trying to work through everything."

Conversely, love seems to be blossoming between Twitch star Félix "xQc" and streamer Aikobliss, as the two have gone public with their relationship. They were seen at the NHL Stanley Cup together. Aikobliss has even stated that her relationship with the French-Canadian streamer is the "best" of her life.

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