xQc has a meltdown on livestream after McDonald's messes up his order by sending wrong sauce

xQc has a meltdown on livestream after McDonald
xQc has a meltdown on livestream after McDonald's messes up his order by sending wrong sauce (Image via xQc/Twitch)

On May 30, 2024, Twitch and Kick star Felix "xQc" went viral on social media after he had a meltdown over McDonald's messing up his order. During the Just Chatting segment, xQc decided to order McDonald's and eat it while watching YouTube videos. However, while unpacking the food, the French-Canadian personality threw the bag in rage when he realized the fast-food delivery chain had not delivered what he ordered.

Stating that he was "sick of this s**t," Felix exclaimed:

"No! I'm sick of this s**t! All right, listen - this is a message to f**king McDonald's executives, brother. If I order some chicken nuggets, the sauce is 90% of the taste, okay? I care more about the sauce than the f**king nuggets themselves!"

The former Overwatch pro then voiced his displeasure with McDonald's sending two packets of their Tangy BBQ sauce. He loudly remarked:

"If I order Sweet 'n' Sour or honey, okay? I want a honey packet and a Sweet 'n' Sour. Not two Tangy! I don't want Tangy!"

xQc went on to claim that "more than half" of the time McDonald's had messed up his order:

"Holy s**t! Man, every f**king time, I order... I know for a fact, if I get honey, they're going to give me Honey Mustard. Right? So, what I do - I order one honey packet, which never happens, and I order one Sweet 'n' Sour. And, more than half the time, they say, 'F**k all of this here is two Tangy!' I don't like Tangy, man!"

xQc says he "f**king hates McDonald's" after they sent him two packets of their Tangy BBQ sauce

xQc was about half an hour into his livestream earlier today (May 30, 2024) when he had a meltdown due to McDonald's messing up his order. After voicing his disdain for their Tangy BBQ sauce, the Twitch streamer expressed his sentiments about the fast-food restaurant, saying:

"I mean, dude, I f**king hate McDonald's, man! Yo, oh guys, 'I will get McDonald's. This guy orders for sauces.' Like, holy f**k! Rob your brain cells together and give me the correct sauce, man! Holy s**t!"

Timestamp: 00:28:30

This was not the first time xQc shared strong sentiments about McDonald's. On March 29, 2023, the Quebec native expressed dissatisfaction with the restaurant's service after his order was mixed up. Frustrated with the situation, Felix eventually called the store live on the stream.

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