xQc reacts to not being invited to be in MrBeast's upcoming video featuring streamers

xQc reacts to not being in the MrBeast streamer video (Image via MrBeast/X, xQc/Twitch)
xQc has addressed not being invited to be in the upcoming MrBeast streamer video (Image via MrBeast/X, xQc/Twitch)

Twitch and Kick star Felix "xQc" recently reacted to a viewer's question about him not being part of the upcoming Jimmy "MrBeast" video featuring popular streamers and content creators. Over the last few days, many big names from the streaming industry, such as Kai Cenat, Valkyrae, and KSI, talked about shooting a video with the YouTube star.

While it was not exactly hush hush, MrBeast only revealed the full lineup of Twitch and YouTube stars featured in his video via a photo on June 5, 2024. As one of the most popular streamers, xQc's fans were naturally curious about why he was not in the image.

When one audience member asked him about it, the former Overwatch pro brushed off the subject, claiming that he did not care about being in the video. He said:

"Did I get an invite for the MrBeast video? I did not, no problem, I don't give a f*ck, no problem."

Promptly, his chat messages started talking about his reaction to the question. The content creator further clarified his position:

"Guys, guys, I was asked a question and I don't want to sound like a bit**ass."

xQc claims he heard from a source that he should not ask for an invite to MrBeast video if he wasn't offered a spot


After being crowned the most subscribed YouTuber on the platform recently, MrBeast appears to be upping his game. His upcoming video looks set to feature top celebrity streamers and content creators from multiple countries.

However, it seems xQc did not get an invite to the hyped event. After claiming that he did not "give a f*ck" about the video, the Canadian tried to spot everyone in the photo shared by MrBeast to see if he knew the people who participated:

"I need to look at everybody who is in it. That's the Australia guy, Vikkstar, MrBeast, that's the Game Theory guy, that's the girl who learns stuff, don't know who that is, that's the guy from FaZe or whatever Rug, I don't know who that is, I don't know who that is..."

After failing to identify a few people, xQc finally recognized some streamers:

"That's, uh, Michael, don't know who that is, don't know who that is, that's the duck guy, Poki, Bella Poarch, Valkyrae, Kai, Lily, Lud, don't know, don't know, don't know, Botez squad, that's the review guy (joking about Charlie 'MoistCr1TiKaL'), don't know who that is, Sketch."

He named a few of the people before declaring that he had "pretty good" knowledge about internet celebrities:

"Is that Ibai? Schlatt, that's my clone (El Rubius), don't know, MKBHD, the guy from the videos, Logan Paul, Niko, KSI and I don't know (the rest). Chat, I know a good amount! I am actually pretty good at this, oh yeah that's Chunkz."

With that exercise out of the way, xQc went on to claim that he was told by Duke Dennis to not ask for an invite to the video:

"Guys, guys, guys, I would not mind being part of it. But guys, I heard a quote from this guy I think Duke, and he says, 'If you weren't invited, don't ask to go.' Chat, don't ask to go."

While details about the video are scarce, MrBeast has teased that it will come out in the second week of July. This means fans have to wait for more than a month to see their favorite content creators take the MrBeast challenge.

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