No relief for DiJonai Carrington as she continues to get flak from fans for Caitlin Clark taunts after Sun's loss: "Worst stats than a rookie"

WNBA fans react to Dijonai Carrington
WNBA fans react to Dijonai Carrington's statline in Friday's loss to the Las Vegas Aces, comparing her to Caitlin Clark (Image credit: Imagn)

Connecticut Sun star DiJonai Carrington had a big 19-point six-rebound game against the Las Vegas Aces despite the team's 85-74 loss on Friday. Despite the stat line, Carrington struggled with her efficiency from the floor, shooting just 5-15 on the night. In response, some fans took aim at the fourth-year player, comparing her to Caitlin Clark.

Earlier in the season, when Carrington and the Connecticut Sun were playing against Clark and the Indiana Fever, the two were involved in a viral exchange. Carrington appeared to close out on defense, bumping into Clark, who drew a foul on the play.

DiJonai Carrington didn't seem pleased with the whistle, mocking Clark for flopping on the play. Now, despite the exchange happening over a week ago, Caitlin Clark's fans are continuing to take aim at Carrington, using her latest stat line against her.

In Friday's game against the Atlanta Dream, Clark logged 16 points, four rebounds, and 7 assists on 50% from the field, and 50% from downtown. Although the two were playing in different games against different opponents, fans compared the two in response to Carrington's 19-point, six-rebound, two-steal game.

"Worst stats and FG % than a rookie. @DijonaiVictoria is owned" - One fan wrote
"Flop master" Another added with a gif of DiJonai Carrington mocking Clark

Others called Carrington out for flopping in Friday's game with the Aces:

"Likely place for her to be" - One wrote in response to another fan calling out Carrington for flopping
"Then whinges when a foul wasn't called and signals to her coach to take the coaches challenge." - Another added

Others questioned her efficiency in the Sun's loss:

"5-15 is terrible" - One wrote
"Nasty work to throw that fg % in there lol" - Another added
"Star shooting 5-15????" - One called out

Looking at how the viral exchange between DiJonai Carrington and Caitlin Clark quickly escalated online and spiraled out of control

The exchange between Catilin Clark and DiJonai Carrington has been a hot topic ever since the two teams competed earlier this month. At the time, Carrington's reaction to what she perceived to be a flop was quick to go viral, however, one social media user brought race into the conversation.

As he wrote, the situation was yet another example of a player who is of another race playing overly physical against Clark. While many WNBA fans called him out for injecting race into a conversation about basketball, others took the comments to heart, using them to fuel discourse surrounding the moment.

When asked about the situation, Caitlin Clark made it clear that she wasn't privy to the discourse surrounding the play given that she isn't on social media:

“It’s not something I can control so I don’t put too much thought and time into thinking about things like that. To be honest, I don’t see a lot of it. Like I’ve said, basketball is my job. Everything on the outside, I can’t control that so I’m not going to spend time thinking about that.
“’People can talk about what they want to talk about, create conversations about whatever it is. But for myself, I am just here to play basketball.”

On social media, Carrington expressed frustration over the comments, and how her name, and the moment, were being weaponized. In a post on social media, she both fired back at critics and Clark, pointing out that staying silent is a luxury not every player has:

The two teams have one more scheduled game later in the season on Aug. 28, where Caitlin Clark and DiJonai Carrington will compete once more.

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