"Noise I don't really listen to": A'ja Wilson nonchalantly chimes in on Charles Barkley and LeBron James' take on Caitlin Clark and WNBA

A'ja Wilson brushed aside Charles Barkley and LeBron James take on Caitlin Clark and WNBA

The Caitlin Clark controversy has swept women’s basketball. There have been narratives circulating inside and outside the league that Clark’s meteoric rise has been due to her race. One of the players who spoke about the race factors in popularity in the WNBA was A'ja Wilson.

Since Wilson’s comments, players like LeBron James and Charles Barkley have come out in support of Clark and called the outside noise “petty.” When Wilson was asked about James and Barkley’s comments on Clark, the Las Vegas Aces star dismissed it as outside noise that she doesn’t pay attention to.

“It’s noise that I don’t really listen to, honestly, because I am in-season, I have other things that we need to worry about than what other people have to say. I have a scout, I have 11 other minds on my team ... So I really can’t give you the best answer on that because I really don’t pay any attention to it,” Wilson said.

Wilson also added that she is only worried about her team and being the best version of herself for her team.

LeBron James suggested Caitlin Clark shouldn't to pay attention to outside noise and instead play basketball. He also said that he had a similar journey when he entered the league. Later on, NBA great Charles Barkley picked up from where James left and asked WNBA players not to be "petty" about Clark's rise.

What did A'ja Wilson say about Caitlin Clark's rise?

The question of race has always been a factor in American sports. Las Vegas Aces star A'ja Wilson made a comment that has stored controversy across the league.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Wilson was asked if being white had played a part in Caitlin Clark's massive popularity. The reigning WNBA Finals MVP said that despite being at the top, black women do not get as much success as white women.

"I think it's a huge thing. I think a lot of people may say it's not about black and white, but to me .. it really is because you can be top-notch at what you are as a black woman, but yet maybe that's something that people don't want to see," Wilson said.

Wilson also remarked that black women are not perceived as "marketable" by the media and companies.

Other members from the media like Sunny Hostin and Jemele Hill have also remarked that Caitlin Clark's rise to fame has been due to her race and sexuality. Hostin had also remarked that Clark has "pretty privilege."

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