"Now there's real money"— Ice Cube takes credit for changed behavior toward women hoopers, citing $5 million Caitlin Clark offer

Ice Cube takes credit for changed behavior towards women hoopers citing $15 million Caitlin Clark offer [Photo Credit: Indiana Fever X handle and Ice Cube IG handle]
Ice Cube takes credit for changed behavior toward women hoopers, citing $5 million Caitlin Clark offer [Photo Credit: X/@IndianaFever, Instagram/@icecube]

Ice Cube, the founder of Big3 league had offered Caitlin Clark a large sum of $5 million to play in his league. Even though Cube confirmed it on social media, Clark chose the WNBA for less money. In his conversation with Shaquille O’Neal earlier today (June 13), the rapper said that his offer had changed the WNBA.

Ice Cube was on “The Big Podcast” with Shaq and his co-host Adam Lefkoe. During a conversation leading to his offer in March, Cube said that publicly making Clark such a big offer brought a lot of attention to women’s basketball.

Cube said his offer boosted the WNBA, especially with the knowledge that women's basketball players could earn big money in a different league.

“A lot of people had their doubts. I think it's a little rough, but like I said, who am I to say she can't, especially if she wanted to accept that challenge? So, it was a big swing, and we gained a bump from it for sure,” said Ice Cube.
“But I think all of women's sports gained a bump from that offer. I think the WNBA players are even getting treated better because now there's real money out there for these ladies to play at a high level. So, I think we once again changed the game and made the game better.”



The American rapper said his offer to Clark was sincere and that it wasn't just a marketing move. He added that it would have benefited not just Big3 but all of women’s basketball.

Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t think Caitlin Clark should join Ice Cube’s Big3 league

Ice Cube has his reasons for wanting Caitlin Clark in the Big3 league. Shaquille O’Neal, however, doesn’t agree with the idea. The four-time NBA champion alluded to how Clark is being played in the WNBA and it would be even worse for Clark playing among men in the Big3.

"She would get touched up," O'Neal said. "Like, the WNBA girls are letting her know."

For Ice Cube, it was a big business move. It would have garnered the league more money and more advertisement. However, Clark’s experience in the Big3 would have been much harder than the WNBA.

Since Caitlin Clark joined the WNBA, she has admitted that the league is much more physical than what she was used to in college. After her debut in the WNBA, she told ESPN’s Michael Voepel that she was being pushed off the screen easily and the WNBA game was also faster.

However, none of these factors mean Caitlin Clark won't survive in the WNBA. She will have to adjust to the speed and physicality of the WNBA to continue to flourish in her career.

Edited by Glen Danquah
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