"Same chance as Van holding LeBron to 10" - WNBA fans roast Rachel Lindsay for claiming she could limit Caitlin Clark

WNBA fans roast Rachel Lindsay for claiming she could limit Caitlin Clark
WNBA fans roast Rachel Lindsay for claiming she could limit Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark is the talk of the town in the WNBA after her much-awaited debut last week, confirming she's likely to make a huge mark in the league. Amid this, hypothetical scenarios involving the former Iowa standout have surfaced, with former reality TV star Rachel Lindsay making a big claim regarding the 22-year-old during this week's edition of her show with Van Lathan.

"I'm scrappy," she said. "I was a great defensive player. It's why I play post."

When asked if she thought she could guard Clark, she claimed:

"I do. I'm not saying she won't score on me. I'm just saying I think I could keep up with her."

When Lathan asked if she could limit Caitlin Clark to less than 10 points in a full game, she had another surprising response:

"If I'm in shape, yes. I'm sorry. I was a really good defensive player."

Lindsay's confidence is notable, but fans weren't buying what she said. Someone said she has the same chance of holding Clark to 10 points as Lathan does of holding LeBron James.

"Her holding Caitlin to 10 is about the same chance as Van holding LeBron to 10."

More fans noted how unlikely it was for Lindsay to make the situation a reality, considering the level of performance Clark plays at.

"10 points… like per quarter??" One fan wondered.
"Gimme that kind of confidence. Clark averaging 18 a game against WNBA players right now but Rachel gon hold her under 15," another fan wrote.
"You had me believing until you said under 10," a third one said.

A couple of fans predicted how Clark would handle Lindsay if they ever go at it.

"She droppin like 40 on her in a half Rachel doesn’t foul out first," a user commented.
"Rachel is getting dunked through the floor boards but it's amazing that we're at the point of having these hypoghettical conversations. Woman's basketball has arrived 🥺," another person said.

Angel Reese's mom clarifies alleged comments against Caitlin Clark

After Angel Reese allegedly took a shot at Clark following Thursday night's win over the New York Liberty, the Chicago Sky player's mom has come out to defend her and clarify her comments.

"She was not attacking CC but bc you & the rest of those "children of the corn" folks thought she was & once again sending her racist & vile comments she did," she wrote in a now deleted X post. "Her comment was directed towards the media but of course you're about clicks."

Caitlin Clark is currently receiving a lot of attention, with opinions about her ranging from positive to negative. However, it is apparent that she's currently one of the most talked-about players in the WNBA.

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